Vital Statistics on the Monsters in Kong: Skull Island

Written by Barney Buckley

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King Kong


Height: 31.6 meters

Weight: 158 tons
The guardian of Skull Island, Kong is very young. His parents were killed by the creatures of Skull Island.

Skull Crawler


Height: 3.65-28.95 meters

Weight: 40-100 tons
Giant snake-like creatures with powerful arms and skull-like faces. They are Kong’s nemesis. They hunt in packs and reside underground.

Bamboo Spider


Length: 5-7 meters
Giant spiders living in the bamboo forest of Skull Island. Their legs blend in perfectly with the bamboo, towering at the same height as the trees. Their web is as strong as iron.

Skeleton Buffalo*


Length: 13 meters

Horn length: 19 meters

Weight: 22 tons

A quiet and gentle creature. It can survive underwater for several days at a time and its body can blend in perfectly with its surroundings.


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