The Theory of King Kong versus Godzilla

Written by Barney Buckley

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There are so many different ideals and scientific theories based on how King Kong is going to find Godzilla let’s talk about that! We need to remind ourselves that I 1st want to put out the ideal of King Kong fighting Godzilla in 1962 this was not the actual King Kong from the movies in 1933, 1976, and 2005. This is a totally different monster that they called King Kong. If you write any of the movie synopsis is it does mention that King Kong is an ape like monster not an actual gorilla. This is where people get this lost in translation he always seem to connect Godzilla with these King Kong’s. The reason why it is created as an ape like monster is simply because we all know that King Kong itself is way too small to fight any Godzilla.

The latest news is that Warner Bros. will be having King Kong fight against Godzilla and the question is why is it even a fight? We all know that King Kong does climbs skyscrapers and large rock formations on his island. Godzilla in itself is a slumbering beast that is radioactive and cannot be stopped. Let’s go ahead and break this down let’s talk about the competitors of this new movie 1st is hypothesized and terrorized that Godzilla should be smaller if he is to fight King Kong. Some would say a juvenile Godzilla or something similar to like a Godzillasaurus. That would be just a little bit bigger than King Kong.

There’s also a lot of controversy and lack of knowledge that King Kong did in fact win that fight in 1962 and that is incorrect. It was technically a draw according to the Toho Motion Picture Company and they did this so not to offend American fans. However there are fence today that would like to see Godzilla actually winning the fight and that is only because they are Godzilla fans and not King Kong fans. In my humble opinion it should be a good fight that should end in a drawl simply because they are the king of monsters. Godzilla is the king of monsters in Japan and King Kong is the king of monsters here in America.

Now in the latest article that I will post a link below is based on this particular writers opinions and thoughts on how King Kong should fight Godzilla there are some discrepancies and is not my intentions to criticize I believe he was just trying to point out his theory incorrect his theory is or his take on the ideal was to take both monsters and that includes Godzilla from the 2014 film as well as King Kong from Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake of King Kong which neither are pushovers and keep in mind King Kong and Peter Jackson’s film is only 25 feet tall and weighs close to 60 tons that being said you now have a gigantic radioactive monster they call Godzilla which is over 355 feet tall and weighs nearly 164,000 tons make it in the heaviest and largest of all the Godzilla’s to date. This is not much of a match in the scheme of things. If it came down to an actual fight for obvious reasons he would get stepped on by that gigantic radioactive dinosaur.

Somehow the big issue is how they got to fight in size wise there is no comparison. Here are my thoughts on that as a lot of people would think using a juvenile Godzilla or a Godzillasaurus of smaller size to fight King Kong. My philosophy is that they should actually create King Kong because he would be an ape like monster not an actual gorilla, and call this ape like monster looks a lot like King Kong and call him King Kong. Here is my take on how they should create this new monster called King Kong.

To tell his story we must go back in time to the year 1945.… To the world’s first atomic bomb test site, located near Alamogordo New Mexico. This is what is called “The Manhattan Project” this project is being directed by the president of the United States at this time which is president Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Today is July 16 and all is going according to schedule… At least until a colossal metallic caravan appears on the horizon, blocking the military brass on their way to the atomic test site! Although history will never recorded, “The Manhattan Project” and another secret government program, “Project Gorilla”, are about to cross paths in a strange turn of events.

Inside the hangar of the project they call “Project Gorilla” we see a dead King Kong was hooked up to what looks like a respirator and his body as tubes running in and out of his body. King Kong is not only being revived but the tubes that are running in and out of his body are slowly changing his molecular structure as he slowly begins to grow because he is only 50 feet tall and they want to see how big he gets. The process of King Kong changing while he is dead is what they want and once they achieve their goal they will revive him.

This is my take I know it sounds crazy but at the same time it would be interesting to see them actually tried to revive an increase the size of this monster using modern technology, but that’s my take on this whole King Kong versus Godzilla thing. One more thing I know this is petty of me, but in my opinion King Kong has been around since 1933 and he has earned his kudos all through the movie genre so in my opinion he has earned the right to be king of monsters here in America and also has earned the right to have his name put in front of Godzilla simply because he has been around for Godzilla this is just my opinion on that. In this article then going to post the link below does mention that the new movie probably will be called Godzilla versus King Kong when it should be the other way around I know it sounds petty but that’s only because I think King Kong earned the right to have his name put in front because it is the Americanized version of the King of monsters that just my thoughts on that!

I just want to mention that I am looking forward to this remake as I know the probably do a fantastic job on one approach they take that remains to be seen as we will be seeing and hearing a lot of different opinions out on how King Kong is going to fight a 355 foot monster as I mentioned above I think they need to create the actual creature that would be equivalent in size and in strength so Godzilla has a challenge. Anyway I am looking forward to this and I said a long time ago as Legendary’s moved away from Warner Bros. and moved to Universal Studios and now it seems that they’re having problems in my humble opinion Legendary needs to go out on its own. Because now the new Pacific Rim 2 an article came out saying that this movie wasn’t definitely put on hold, but according to Guerimmo Del Toro he has mentioned that it will happen, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens with this whole mess!

Anyway I just wanted to mention important out there my thoughts on this whole King Kong versus Godzilla thing and the fact that people seem to connect King Kong with Jay fall of 1933, 1976, 1986, and 2005 and in my opinion should be a newly created monster as I mentioned before this is the most logical way to do it. If you read the article above in my opinion sounds interesting to take that approach and bring the new dead King Kong to life by incorporating increased strength and size so we can fight back Godzilla anyway that’s my thoughts on that.


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