The Many Different Skull Islands

Written by Barney Buckley

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This is a name that is most often used to describe a fictional island that absolutely seems to appear in most King Kong films and that includes the newest one in 2017. It is the home of the mighty King Kong as well as several other species of creatures that are mostly prehistoric in some cases. There are species that have been long extinct as far as we know and there is even a primitive society of humans located on this island.

There are many different incarnations of the island in the movies such as King Kong 1933, Son of Kong 1933, King Kong versus Godzilla 1962, King Kong Escapes 1967, King Kong 1976, King Kong 2005 and finally was one Kong Skull Island 2017. The islands and King Kong versus Godzilla 1962 is called Faro Island and in King Kong Escapes 1967 that was called Mondo Island.

The origins of Skull Island are hardly known or literally on those still to this day. The island is famous for having an oversized gigantic ape like monster as well as other strange creatures that do exist on this island. When it comes to King Kong on Skull Island in most cases he is usually the only surviving member of his species. There is evidence in the Peter Jackson version of King Kong as we do see skeletal formations of all the King Kong’s. Kong Skull Island also shows what is believed to be King Kong’s parents and they were eaten by the Skull Crawler’s.

King Kong 1933


The map above is the actual math that was used in the movie King Kong 1933 and within the movie is never really mentioned by his name. In King Kong, the island is never mentioned by name and is located at approximately 12°S 78°Esomewhere off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. There is a distinctive rocky knoll in the center of the island which is shaped like a human skull, which is referred to as “Skull Mountain”.

Upon entering the island it would seem most likely that it would be deserted bought the expedition would soon find out that that is not the case. This particular island is filled to the brim what has superstitious natives, prehistoric creatures of all sorts and obviously one gigantic ape like monster. This ape like monster is also known to the Islanders as “Kong”.

In the novelization done by Delos Lovelace is simply called “Skull Mountain Island”. However the company that owns the rights to King Kong “RKO Pictures” refers to it as Skull Island and this is in some of their publicity material.

Now the creatures that they come across on this island are King Kong (Gigantic Ape like Monster), Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Two Legged Lizard, Pteranodon. The Lost Spider Pit Scene (not seen in the movie)

Son of Kong 1933

Now the other creatures that are on this island are from the movie Son of Kong this is where Carl Denham makes his return back to the island. He does manage to run into a little Kong named Kiko and it does fight a giant cave bear. There is also a Styracosaurus as well as a dragon-like Nothosaurus which Little Kong kills. There is a rather very unique looking serpent -like creature called Elasmosarus.

King Kong versus Godzilla 1962


This island is very similar to Skull Island this King Kong comes from the Faro Island and also has a native tribe as well and the various creatures on this island are a gigantic octopus that they call Oodako. There is also a giant lizard which played a very small part in this film.

King Kong Escapes 1967


This is very similar to Faro Island that was used in the movie King Kong versus Godzilla 1962 and is very similar to Skull Island in some respects. However this island is called Mondo Island and it does have a 20 m tall version of King Kong as well as other creatures on this island. There is also one particular older native that is shot by Dr. who and the creatures that are on this island are a gigantic dinosaur called Gorosaurus. There was also a giant sea serpent which is very similar to the giant snake that King Kong 1976 fought. Accept he fought this in the water. One large creature that he does fight and that is his version of himself it is called Mechani Kong.

King Kong 1976


As we all know we return yet again to Skull Island and the layout and design in my opinion is very detailed as we see a gigantic wall that is wrapped around this island and that is to achieve King Kong in as well as keeping him away from the natives on this island. The only creature that he does fight in this movie is a gigantic boa constrictor. The island is very detailed in some aspects especially around the natives and the gigantic wall and that massive door that keeps King Kong out. He does eventually obliterate that door to get to Dwan.

Kong: The Animated Series


There is an animated TV series on the 1966 version that they call “The King Kong Show” this one is called “Kong: The Animated Series and this particular island is simply named Kong Island. Unlike his previous incarnations this particular island is definitely situated directly in the center the Bermuda triangle however not in the Pacific Ocean. There are various prehistoric creatures living on this island and this island also contains some ruins were one of them actually serves as a present for the demon Chiros.

King Kong 2005


Now this particular version is loaded with all kinds of creatures on this particular island. There is probably over 100 different type of creatures that are mentioned in this new version of King Kong. However we will not get into that here because there are just simply too many of them to mention. I will mention the main ones and they are King Kong, Brontosaurus, Venatosarus, Vastaosauruus Rex, Scorpiopede, and other various creatures that Peter Jackson in fact did a new version of the spider scene or the spider pit scene which has some very unique creatures.

Kong Skull Island 2017


This is the newest installment of the King Kong franchise. Now this particular version of Skull Island is in fact completely different than any of the other versions. It is believed rumor that the creatures on this island or absolutely gigantic in size and yes they are completely different creatures not in the way of dinosaurs gigantic Kaiju. It is also believed that there is a super cell or perpetual storm that protects this island just like in the King Kong version from 1976 there was a cloud formation wrapped around that island as well. The creatures on this version of Skull Island are completely different. First to run into the largest incarnation with the exception of the King Kong from King Kong versus Godzilla 1962 that King Kong stands over 148 feet tall and is there King Kong stands right now 104 feet tall.

However this King Kong will probably grow to be about 300 feet tall and possibly more or less. The other creatures on this island are the bamboo spider this spider stands around 15 to 20 feet tall very similar to a daddy long legs. Psycho vultures and there are a lot of these very small and dangerous batlike creatures. Natives on this island are called Iwe Tribe and they are very similar to most of the tribes in the other King Kong films. There is also a skeleton Buffalo that they call Sker Buffalo and this day is very unique as it can stay submerged in water for days at a time. It has algae on its body. A gigantic Longhorns that are longer than its body. The biggest threat on this island on the Skull Crawler’s. These are very the animallike to the creatures that are very predatory and will stop at nothing to eat its prey. They did in fact kill King Kong’s parents and that is the reason why you hold a grudge against them.

Anyway that is it for now on the whole skull Island concept. I hope you guys enjoyed some interesting facts about each version of the island. With the exception of Faro Island and Mondo Island they are very similar yet in different locations for different types of King Kong’s for The Toho Motion Picture Company.


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