My Theory on Godzilla versus King Kong: Who Is Stronger?

Written by Barney Buckley

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The first thing I like to mention is there seems to be a lot of Godzilla fans and fans alike that seem to underestimate the power of King Kong. Some believe and it is possible that Godzilla will be stronger than King Kong. What I will do is break it down in the way that I envision and cannot rule out that what I say could possibly happen. These will make some pretty interesting theories to say the least! What I will do is break down the strength and weaknesses of Godzilla and King Kong.

The first thing we will do is talk about Godzilla and his strength along with his weapons. We all know that this Godzilla is extremely massive and very heavy at 90,000 tons. I will tell you this he is built like a sumo wrestler and because of his massive weight he can do some pushing around.

He also has a very long arms that have very sharp talons and he can do some slashing at King Kong. Godzilla also has that very long and massive tail that could literally clip King Kong and possibly knock him out or do some major damage to his body.

Even though this Godzilla ways at 90,000 times and is extremely massive is very fast for his size. I will tell you this and I can guarantee you King Kong will be faster. Unfortunately it is meant to be their way and I say this is because when you watch Godzilla films in most cases he walks very slow he is a slumbering beast this is how he is portrayed with the exception of Godzilla 1998. That Godzilla is the fastest Godzilla out there.

Now we will talk about Godzilla’s atomic breath and this is according to the movie Godzilla 2014. His atomic breath in that movie was definitely effected by the EMP pulse by the Kaiju Muto, so what I’m saying is we did not see the full potential on his atomic breath. However in the movie “Godzilla: King of Monsters” which is coming out in 2019. He will be fighting possibly Rodan, Mothra and his greatest adversary King Ghidorah. This movie should prove to be an amazing movie should they do it right. By the time this movie comes out we should see the full potential of his atomic breath as there are no Muto that will affect his atomic breath as far as we know.

Now we will talk about the King of Kaiju here in America and that is King Kong!

First off I will tell you this and we need to get one thing straight the King Kong that will be fighting Godzilla in 2020 is a completely different species of King Kong. These are not the King Kong’s in 1933, 1962, 1966, (The King Kong Show) 1967, 1976, 1986, and last but not least 2005. These are not the same King Kong that people always seem to make that association with. This is a different species of King Kong!

Let’s talk about this particular species of King Kong. First off he is classified according to the movie Kong Skull Island which is coming out in 2017 in March. This Kong is classified as an adolescent super species and this particularly means that he is a very young King Kong. (He is a teenager). The island that he lives on as well as all of the other creatures they are extremely larger than normal and that is probably do to the fact that there are pockets of radiation all over Skull Island. King Kong is no exception to that rule he probably got that large at 100 feet tall due to the pockets of radiation on this island.

Now continuing with this thought everybody seems to make a mistake by saying that this King Kong is too small to fight Godzilla and yes they are right about that for now. Here is my theory on what will happen with King Kong. Because King Kong is an adolescent super species like I mentioned before he is a teenager and he does stand out 100 feet tall in the movie. This is where people assume that he will not grow anymore when in fact according to the movie is set on the 1970s during the Vietnam War. With this in mind call will have some 50 years to grow and this is due to the pockets of radiation on the island as we all know the creatures are extremely extremely large. He will grow! I believe he will grow into a extremely massive adult ape like monster. I am assuming you will be extremely massive should they do this right.

King Kong’s Abilities!

Now we will talk about King Kong’s abilities first off I’d like to mention that what I’m going to say is scientific fact. Gorillas they usually stand and it depends on what kind gorilla we are talking about an average of 5 to 6 feet tall and they have the strength of anywhere from 3 to 10 human beings. This is the theory we will use for this King Kong. Like I mentioned he will have time to grow and it could be anywhere from 40 to 50 years because I mentioned this is set during the 1970s and by the time he does clash with Godzilla it’ll probably be around 2020. This is where I am assuming he might grow to about 250 feet tall with the strength that I mentioned before of the human theory he will be incredibly incredibly strong and perhaps even more powerful than Godzilla. Then again he might not? This is the part that most Godzilla fans do not want to hear! But we cannot rule out this possibility that King Kong could possibly be stronger than Godzilla!

Now that I have mentioned the possibility that King Kong could possibly be stronger than Godzilla let’s dig further into why I think he could possibly have the advantage over Godzilla. First off let’s talk about his massive arms and the incredible strength within his arms and I did mention that King Kong will be a lot faster than Godzilla as he could possibly maneuver around Godzilla and jump on his back without doing any kind of damage from the dorsal plates of Godzilla he could maneuver and wrapped his arms around Godzilla’s neck and possibly choked him out. But then again as strong as Godzilla is could possibly flip them over and offer him. I also like to mention that because of his strength in his arms even though he could choke out Godzilla he could possibly be strong enough to snap Godzilla’s neck and that is the end of Godzilla as we know it!

Now I will tell you this King Kong does not have any conventional weapons not like that of Godzilla. Godzilla has that tail as well as his atomic breath and his sumo wrestling capabilities. I will tell you this King Kong will definitely be a lot smarter than Godzilla and I’m not trying to take away from Godzilla, but this Godzilla is a thinking Godzilla and he has savage.

This Godzilla I will tell you this does have the edge when it comes to conventional weapons as I mentioned before. Now I know being a Godzilla fan myself for over 37 years I would have to give the advantage to King Kong when it comes to maneuvering and possibly strength. I will give it to Godzilla for being massive and having that atomic breath sure he hit King Kong with his atomic breath it definitely will do some damage to him, but not in the way that people seem to think it will. This King Kong is nuclear so he has that advantage security get hit by the atomic breath in my not do the damage that people seem to think because he is nuclear. The other King Kong’s that I mentioned earlier will definitely not survive the onslaught of King Kong and not because of their size. Is because all the radiation that Godzilla has within his body he would literally kill those King Kong’s. Not this King Kong!

Now I want to talk about this Godzilla according to Gareth Edwards and his team as well as a comic book series based on this Godzilla in my opinion they built him a little too much as he seems to be way too powerful and I think that’s why a lot of these Godzilla fans don’t think that King Kong stands a chance is because of the built of hype of this Godzilla. Now don’t get me wrong if he is that powerful that I will tell you this King Kong does not stand a chance. It is in my opinion that they should be equal in some aspects, so that we can see a pretty decent fight between the two of them.

I will finish this off with the fact that I am looking forward to the movie coming out in March 10, 2017 and that is the movie “Kong: Skull Island” which will be and build up to the major movie that’s coming out in 2020 and that my friends is “Godzilla versus Kong” (Tentative Title) I do want to add further that I would like to see some elements from the original 1962 version of King Kong versus Godzilla which is a classic in my opinion. I would like to see maybe King Kong flipping Godzilla over his shoulders and possibly the tree scene that would be cool to see. However I don’t they were going to see that because this Godzilla is extremely savage and he will go straight after King Kong. We are definitely going to see are really really good fight with some amazing scenes. Anyway I am going to end in here this is my theory on why I think King Kong does in fact stand a chance against this Godzilla!

It is not to say that Godzilla will not win this fight because he probably will or probably won’t I am saying it might end up in a draw or somewhere along the lines they will be distracted by something else should they go this route. Anyway I am looking forward to these movies and I know all you Godzilla and King Kong fans are looking forward to the ultimate Kaiju clash!


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