Let’s Talk King Kong!

Written by Barney Buckley

E-Mail Address: bbuckley@triad.rr.com


Here’s some information based on the King Kong character used in the movie King Kong versus Godzilla 1962. The most famous Godzilla follow surely a wonder of the world-and that is King Kong. Keep in mind the giant gorilla that appears in King Kong versus Godzilla is not a reincarnation of a race Paramore from the 1933 classic this is a completely different King Kong with a different origin and I will proceed to explain to you what they are. The Toho Kong standing roughly 45 m tall and is far larger than the original 1933 classic. Technically would not have been no match against Godzilla because Godzilla is about five times the size. This particular Kong was discovered on a fictional South seas island called Faro Island. The supersized simian is captured interest ported back to Japan by a publicity hungry pharmaceutical company. Breaking his bonds, King Kong waits the waters to the shore and eventually meets Godzilla in a clash of the titans. He receives the worst of the reptile radioactive ray in round one, what comes back from defeat to battle the King of monsters once again in a standstill at the foot of Mount Fuji.

To partially compensate for Godzilla’s atomic Ray, the Japanese Kong is endowed with the power to draw strength from electricity and generate shocks from his fingertips, but his most potential weapons are his agility and cunning gorilla brain. He is a very smart gorilla however he does get into some serious fixes. Now we will talk about his vital statistics this particular Kong as I mentioned before stands at 45 m tall or 148 feet tall and has a weight displacement of 25,000 metric tons and 27,500 tons his weapons are rockthrowing, judo flips, electric current from the fingertips.

Now there is a long time fan base that wants to see a remake of King Kong versus Godzilla and most of the fans are always saying that Godzilla will with King Kong’s ass. If you would compare the two with their sizes that would happen, but as I’ve mentioned before if you size them to be that same height and increase their strength according to their size King Kong would be struggling Godzilla, and the and the King Kong is more intelligent than Godzilla because King Kong technically is a gorilla and Godzilla is a dinosaur type monster. Godzilla is just a monster that is supposed to be hell-bent on destroying the planet. When it comes to strength like I mentioned before if you equal their height and increase their strength according to their height King Kong would deftly be stronger think I mentioned that before. Anyway in a real fight I think King Kong would take him because of his strength but if King Kong gets called by that atomic Ray wore as they say in the new movie and atomic exhale King Kong will be no more. Strength wise King Kong has it over Godzilla with the fans like it or not.

Anyway get back on track I would not mind seeing a remake as long as they do it right and then to drastically alter the monsters. That is the one thing about Godzilla 2014 that I did not care about was the design of Godzilla it wasn’t the worst design but Jimmy’s deftly not the best design, but it served its purpose because the majority of Godzilla fans out there are pleased with the end results and that’s what counts. There are some fans out there that have a hatred King Kong and yes there are a bunch of haters out there for King Kong and you would not believe the amount of Ziller Trollers that are out there now keep in mind when I say this is simply means there are so many of these hard-core Japanese Godzilla fans that did not like anything about the Godzilla 1998 movie. Which is okay but when you stand there and post such on irrational and redundant comments about the movie and expect people to believe that your opinion is everything it matters you’ve got another thing coming. We tolerate you guys LOL

There is currently a lot of situations where I’m going to talk about King Kong in general, so now I’m going to talk about King Kong that came out in 2005 a beautiful masterpiece here and yes there are some people out there that thought it was crap but they’re not King Kong fans so they don’t matter. I watch this movie was absolutely impressed with the CGI story the way they set it back in old New York which I thought that was cool. They did a perfect job on this movie and he kept it very original to the classic that came out in 1933, and then you have the son of Kong which came out in the same year as the original King Kong that is in 1933.

That was a very cute movie and I was wondering if Peter Jackson was ever going to do a remake of that and I think not unfortunately. And then you have the movie that I mentioned above King Kong versus Godzilla 1962 and is possible remake because we are seeing signs all over the Internet that could possibly happen and if it does I hope they do it right. Then we have the 1967 version of King Kong Escapes were devices mechanical self. I would love to see a remake on this one this would be cool maybe Toho can redo this movie. Then we move on to the classic 1976 King Kong where he climbs the World Trade Center however there will be no reboot for this one because we don’t have a World Trade Center anymore which most people in this country are still upset about and like me I think there’s more to it than meets the eye. Never go to cheesy version of the 1986 release of King Kong lives suddenly is alive and he needs a heart transplant thought that was different but it was nowhere near as good as 1976 version sorry to say.

And now we move on to the latest one because we already have talked about King Kong 2005 by Peter Jackson’s we will move on to journey to Skull island or whatever the tentative title will be as I have read on some of the pages is set for could possibly be set 15 years after King Kong got to go back to Skull Island. They search for Carl Denham who decides to go back there for some reason because he is so guilt ridden of what he did with King Kong and the people that died on that day and while there on the island they will be going through many adventures in dealing with many creatures on this island. I too am looking forward to this movie because I haven’t King Kong fan and I hope they do this one right but also heard through the grapevine that Peter Jackson wants the director of Pacific rim to actually direct this movie and you know one Peter Jackson says son about his King Kong movie I think people are going to listen. Enough about this King Kong thing I will let you know I am a fan and I am looking forward to the new movie that is coming out in 2016 possibly.

As for the fans out there well there are a bunch of haters and people that are welcoming it and the funny thing is they think Godzilla is the most powerful thing on the planet and he can’t be beat by any cunning creature whatsoever and I find that rather annoying, but that’s what happens when you were just a Godzilla fan and you can open your mind to anything else but treating Godzilla like he is the King of monsters and nothing else can stop him when in fact it probably is something out there that could stop his ass. Don’t get me wrong I too am a big Godzilla fan but when you have fans that seem to be locked on the ideology that Godzilla is unstoppable it just gets on my nerves.

The End


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