King Kong 2005 movie synopsis


The movie starts out with scenes showing poor economic times going on in America. Though there have been hard times, there are some things still progressing such as theatre and performing arts. Carl Denham is having footage of his film work done on safari reviewed by company executives. Carl is hoping that his film footage will be a hit to the corporate critics. However, what ensues behind closed doors could seal the end of Denham’s film career. Denham who had been eavesdropping out in the lobby, goes to Preston and tells him that he is going to do his movie. They quickly leave the building before the corporate execs can give the negative news to Denham. Denham and Preston have zipped through the building and out in the street area, narrowly getting into a cab before the execs can get to Denham. Denham wants to find an actress to star in his film. Some actresses’ names are tossed around hypothetically as prospects.

Even Mae West is mentioned, but because of the generous curves of Mae, they decide she won’t fit the size dress that is to be worn by the lead actress. Denham talks of his movie being done in a new island location. Meanwhile Ann Darrow who had been a performer in a theatre goes to work as usual one day only to find it closed due to drop off in patrons. Due to financial hard times, competition if fierce. Ann goes out looking for work but can’t find any. She rejects the notion to turn to being a x-rated “showgirl”. She comes across a fruit stand where the infamous scene is introduced where Denham meets Darrow. Denham pays for the apple Ms. Darrow attempted to steal. The scene shifts to the restaurant where Denham is having dinner with Darrow. Memorable classic lines like “I’m on the level here, no funny stuff” is tossed around giving it a faithful honor to the original classic. Needless to say Darrow down on hard times elects to go with Denham on his safari voyage.

Back on the Venture boat, Carl Driscoll (played by Brody) is on board to deliver a partial comedy script. During a somewhat witty dialogue of Denham, Driscoll is stalled so that the Venture ship can depart from shore. It is an illegal departure, as Denham is being given the boot, and has now seized control of company property. It had to depart from shore rather quickly as the execs called the police to have Denham picked up. Keep in mind in this film Driscoll is like a playwright and not a crew member under Captain Englehorn.
They are off…


Denham has his actress, he has stalled and succeded in having Drischoll a part of the journey, he has a crew looking for work, and he has a secret map. But to where?! To an island believed to be never found by modern man. Skull Island. While at sea, Englehorn gets a message (via telegraph) that Denham is wanted by the police and his ship is to return to port. Englehorn decides to go to Rangoon. However a storm blows the ship off course and is thrown about on a rough ocean to the outerskirts of Skull Island (unbeknown to Englehorn and crew). Much frenzied energy is being projected by the boat crew to keep the Venture from being destroyed by the rocks and shallowing of the ocean water. Despite their best efforts to preserve the ship’s safety and stability, they are run broadside against a tall pillar rock. The ship is wedged close to the island shore. Denham and a small landing party (including Drischoll and Darrow) take off in a little row boat to see the island.

While there, Denham is filming the landscape. They come to the wall section of the island. They happen upon a little child and the native islanders attack the landing party. A crew member dies by head whack from a native. Drischoll is knocked unconcious. Denham is horrified at whats happening and how fast things have gone bad. They are saved by a larger landing party from the Venture who fires shots and kills some natives. The crew reuinites and escapes back to the Venture. The islanders having seen Ann are determined to get their prize offering to Kong. The natives work their way to the ship later that night by hopping rocks using a long pole staff to allow them to pogo to the Venture under the guise of darkness. Drischoll notices on the boat that a necklace from an islander was lying on deck. Drischoll goes looking for Ann and can not find any trace of her.

Jack alerts the crew to turn the ship back. As you know from the 1933 film Ann is offered up to Kong who bounds through the trees. Differences here are at the wall, there is a fire liquid flowing down and atop the wall of the natives. The altar is not a step-up pillar platform as seen in the 1933 and 1976 films. Its a long draw bridge that levels over to the other side. There is a medium sized gulf between the wall door and the opposite side. Looking to be about 45 to 60 feet across in distance. Kong shows up and takes Ann. The landing party does arrive and Denham sees Kong through a hole in the main door. Denham is astounded. Ann is taken off into the night, and this Kong is moving in the same manner a real gorilla would move, on all fours and on his knuckles.


Ann is tossed around in the fast paced movement. Finally Kong makes it to a drop off ravine where most of his victims have met their end. Ann uses the long sharp points in her native necklace to stab Kong on his fingers. Kong drops his captive on the ground in front of him, and there is a standoff of wits between the two. Kong does get Ann secured again and takes her off to a secluded high place in the jungle.

In the following daybreak morning, Kong is feeding, and Ann attempts to escape. Good imagery here by Jackson to show how Kong is moving around in a natural manner and even has some toying fun with Ann. Ann sneaks off and ends up being pursued by Wetasaurus dinos who are feeding on a prey dino carcass. One Weta is killed by the female V-Rex. The V-Rex walks around trying to get Ann, but can’t seem to release its prize of the Wetasaurus from its mouth. It looses track of the distressed damsel. However Ann happens upon the Bull V-Rex. The behomeths pursue Ann. Kong does get to the scence and has a stand-off with the two adult V-Rexes and a juvenile. The juvenile is easily killed. The adults end up struggling viciously against Kong. Kong never leaving Ann despite a threat to his own safety and life.

Kong ends up falling over a cliff and the entanglement of jungle vines breaks their falls and hold the V-Rexes momentarily from getting to Ann. Kong fights the female V-Rex and seems to knock her unconcious. It does not appear that the pounding Kong did killed the dino. The Bull V-Rex and Ann fall down below due to pressure and weight on the vines. The Rex tries to pursue Ann on the ground, but Kong intervenes. A nice fight, but not long though. Kong ends up having his victory roar and escapes off into the brush with Ann on his shoulder (which his grab up and toss over antics excites the crowd to comedial laughs).

Little Ann and Mighty Kong have started to show signs of a bond. Kong makes it up to a cliff area where it appears to have also been a large gorilla graveyard of prior giant ape family members. Ann and Kong appreciate a beautiful sunset. Though one thing will disrupt ths time of mutal appreciation in the morning. Jack Driscoll. Jack has caught up with them. Kong had earlier intercepted the retrieval party lead by Hayes and dealt with the humans at the fallen tree trunk bridge. The humans that survived had to fight killer bugs before being saved by Englehorn and the actor turned safari hunter Bruce Baxter. So many eye graphic visuals leading up to their deliverance, like avoiding being trampled by a Brontosaurus herd while being hunted by a pack of raptors at the same time.

Well going back to the ledge where Kong is asleep with Ann in his hand, Jack is attempting to get Ann to get out of Kong’s hand. Kong awakens with a cold hazel colored pupil gaze and then would have assaulted Jack, but the giant cave bats swarm Kong in his rage and Kong is distracted in a fight. Jack and Ann attempt to get away by using a vine to drop below, but as prior film history merits the lead character, Kong grabs the vine and starts pulling up. Jack and Ann are locked in a terrifying decision of what to do. A few of the large bats fly by and Jack grabs one of them as it flies with Ann holding to Jack. They grapple ride the bat down to the river and drop off, swimming away.


Kong is furious and will be hot on their heels. The pursuit ends up at the wall where the team is waiting to apprehend Kong. Kong leaps the gulf and does break through the main gate. The Venture party attempt to subdue the creature, but Kong is really just too awesome. The chlorophorm brought aboard the Venture does not do enough to stop Kong with 2 uses of the potent chemical bomb. The party ends up retreating to the sea, but Denham uses another chlorophorm bottle bomb to subdue Kong. Kong is knocked out with Ann mystified and seemingly in a strange trance of her friend being brought under human control.

Kong ends up in New York on display at a theatre. Denham introduces the 8th Wonder of the World to a shocked audience. Kong is somewhat drugged, but alert enough to show he is really alive. There is a throwback to the theme music for the Skull Island natives of the original film. Good nostalgic scoring. When Baxter the movie star is introduced, he is brought on stage as the one who saved Ann, when it actually was Drischoll. Drischoll ended up going to a comedy theatre that evening of Kong’s debut on stage. He walked his way into the premiere to see what is happening. Though the music changes and Ann is brought up out of the floor by life elevator, Kong looks at the figure clothed in white with blonde hair, screaming to the top of her voice. However its not Ann Darrow, but a stand-in. The real Ann is working in a Follies show as a singer/dancer, but is in a strange trance about Kong.

She leaves the performance and is trying to sort herself. Kong enraged by the thought of where the real Ann is, breaks free and checks out the stand in. The audience flees as we all know.Kong goes on a rampage in the theatre and comes upon Drischoll in the high loft balcony. Kong remembers that it was Drischoll who stole Ann on Skull Island and is furious as he wants revenge. Kong attempts to get his hands on him. A good evade scene ensues here and looks highly believable. Better than the cab evade scene of Broderick & Reno in Godzilla 1998. Kong escapes the theatre and New York City is shocked to see the beast, and the beast is shocked to see New York City. It’s been snowing and Kong has a slippery time trying to capture Jack. Cars, buses and trolleys are laid to waste in the attack of the giant 25 foot beast.

Ann mysteriously finds Kong and the two are reunited in a touching moment of recognition. They happen into Central park and what ensues is pure magic. Kong is rolling around on the ice of the frozen pond in the park like its Walt Disney magic. A real treat by Jackson. However the moment of bliss in interrupted by the military firing ammunition into the park causing the ice to crack and crumble. Kong is evading the military and leaping around from roof top to roof top. Eventually making his way to the ominous and unbelievably tall Empire State building. Kong makes it almost to the top and takes a break. Clutching Ann for the last time. Both are so high up, its unbelievable.

Seeing the height and the spin around of the camera will make you have a sinking feeling in your legs and stomach. Ann and Kong enjoy the morning sunrise. Ann saying “beautiful”. Though the peace is about to end as 6 bi-planes arrive to deal with Kong.

Kong sets Ann down and climbs up higher to the very top. Kong faces the planes there. Kong is quite athletic and does a jump up slam that looks like something straight out of the NBA finals. The plane pilots have to be more mindful about their proximity to Kong. The shots pour down, though a lot of them miss as this Kong doesn’t just stay on top getting hit as the 1933 and 1976 Kong did (even what happened with Peking Man). Kong moves around by dropping down and using sides of the top tower to deflect shots. Ann climbs up to get to Kong to see if perhaps her presence will stop the onslaught. Its a temporary thing though. Kong does grab a plane as it flys by and shows his great agility once again by swinging it like a spin top. Sending it hurtling into its doom & disaster.

Kong though is wounded from machine gun fire. He collapses on the top of the tower with a horrified Ann looking at her beloved beastly friend. Another plane bears down on Kong and shoots him with a barrage of machine gun fire that seals the fate of Kong. Kong lovingly gazes upon Ann a last time………and falls…:sulk: Falling to the street below. And you know the ending famous line is said by Carl Denham. “It was beauty that killed the beast (originally desired by Jackson to be said by the late Fay Rotherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the publicay).

The End.


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