Vital Statistics on the Monsters in Kong: Skull Island

Written by Barney Buckley

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King Kong


Height: 31.6 meters

Weight: 158 tons
The guardian of Skull Island, Kong is very young. His parents were killed by the creatures of Skull Island.

Skull Crawler


Height: 3.65-28.95 meters

Weight: 40-100 tons
Giant snake-like creatures with powerful arms and skull-like faces. They are Kong’s nemesis. They hunt in packs and reside underground.

Bamboo Spider


Length: 5-7 meters
Giant spiders living in the bamboo forest of Skull Island. Their legs blend in perfectly with the bamboo, towering at the same height as the trees. Their web is as strong as iron.

Skeleton Buffalo*


Length: 13 meters

Horn length: 19 meters

Weight: 22 tons

A quiet and gentle creature. It can survive underwater for several days at a time and its body can blend in perfectly with its surroundings.


The Theory of King Kong versus Godzilla

Written by Barney Buckley

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There are so many different ideals and scientific theories based on how King Kong is going to find Godzilla let’s talk about that! We need to remind ourselves that I 1st want to put out the ideal of King Kong fighting Godzilla in 1962 this was not the actual King Kong from the movies in 1933, 1976, and 2005. This is a totally different monster that they called King Kong. If you write any of the movie synopsis is it does mention that King Kong is an ape like monster not an actual gorilla. This is where people get this lost in translation he always seem to connect Godzilla with these King Kong’s. The reason why it is created as an ape like monster is simply because we all know that King Kong itself is way too small to fight any Godzilla.

The latest news is that Warner Bros. will be having King Kong fight against Godzilla and the question is why is it even a fight? We all know that King Kong does climbs skyscrapers and large rock formations on his island. Godzilla in itself is a slumbering beast that is radioactive and cannot be stopped. Let’s go ahead and break this down let’s talk about the competitors of this new movie 1st is hypothesized and terrorized that Godzilla should be smaller if he is to fight King Kong. Some would say a juvenile Godzilla or something similar to like a Godzillasaurus. That would be just a little bit bigger than King Kong.

There’s also a lot of controversy and lack of knowledge that King Kong did in fact win that fight in 1962 and that is incorrect. It was technically a draw according to the Toho Motion Picture Company and they did this so not to offend American fans. However there are fence today that would like to see Godzilla actually winning the fight and that is only because they are Godzilla fans and not King Kong fans. In my humble opinion it should be a good fight that should end in a drawl simply because they are the king of monsters. Godzilla is the king of monsters in Japan and King Kong is the king of monsters here in America.

Now in the latest article that I will post a link below is based on this particular writers opinions and thoughts on how King Kong should fight Godzilla there are some discrepancies and is not my intentions to criticize I believe he was just trying to point out his theory incorrect his theory is or his take on the ideal was to take both monsters and that includes Godzilla from the 2014 film as well as King Kong from Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake of King Kong which neither are pushovers and keep in mind King Kong and Peter Jackson’s film is only 25 feet tall and weighs close to 60 tons that being said you now have a gigantic radioactive monster they call Godzilla which is over 355 feet tall and weighs nearly 164,000 tons make it in the heaviest and largest of all the Godzilla’s to date. This is not much of a match in the scheme of things. If it came down to an actual fight for obvious reasons he would get stepped on by that gigantic radioactive dinosaur.

Somehow the big issue is how they got to fight in size wise there is no comparison. Here are my thoughts on that as a lot of people would think using a juvenile Godzilla or a Godzillasaurus of smaller size to fight King Kong. My philosophy is that they should actually create King Kong because he would be an ape like monster not an actual gorilla, and call this ape like monster looks a lot like King Kong and call him King Kong. Here is my take on how they should create this new monster called King Kong.

To tell his story we must go back in time to the year 1945.… To the world’s first atomic bomb test site, located near Alamogordo New Mexico. This is what is called “The Manhattan Project” this project is being directed by the president of the United States at this time which is president Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Today is July 16 and all is going according to schedule… At least until a colossal metallic caravan appears on the horizon, blocking the military brass on their way to the atomic test site! Although history will never recorded, “The Manhattan Project” and another secret government program, “Project Gorilla”, are about to cross paths in a strange turn of events.

Inside the hangar of the project they call “Project Gorilla” we see a dead King Kong was hooked up to what looks like a respirator and his body as tubes running in and out of his body. King Kong is not only being revived but the tubes that are running in and out of his body are slowly changing his molecular structure as he slowly begins to grow because he is only 50 feet tall and they want to see how big he gets. The process of King Kong changing while he is dead is what they want and once they achieve their goal they will revive him.

This is my take I know it sounds crazy but at the same time it would be interesting to see them actually tried to revive an increase the size of this monster using modern technology, but that’s my take on this whole King Kong versus Godzilla thing. One more thing I know this is petty of me, but in my opinion King Kong has been around since 1933 and he has earned his kudos all through the movie genre so in my opinion he has earned the right to be king of monsters here in America and also has earned the right to have his name put in front of Godzilla simply because he has been around for Godzilla this is just my opinion on that. In this article then going to post the link below does mention that the new movie probably will be called Godzilla versus King Kong when it should be the other way around I know it sounds petty but that’s only because I think King Kong earned the right to have his name put in front because it is the Americanized version of the King of monsters that just my thoughts on that!

I just want to mention that I am looking forward to this remake as I know the probably do a fantastic job on one approach they take that remains to be seen as we will be seeing and hearing a lot of different opinions out on how King Kong is going to fight a 355 foot monster as I mentioned above I think they need to create the actual creature that would be equivalent in size and in strength so Godzilla has a challenge. Anyway I am looking forward to this and I said a long time ago as Legendary’s moved away from Warner Bros. and moved to Universal Studios and now it seems that they’re having problems in my humble opinion Legendary needs to go out on its own. Because now the new Pacific Rim 2 an article came out saying that this movie wasn’t definitely put on hold, but according to Guerimmo Del Toro he has mentioned that it will happen, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens with this whole mess!

Anyway I just wanted to mention important out there my thoughts on this whole King Kong versus Godzilla thing and the fact that people seem to connect King Kong with Jay fall of 1933, 1976, 1986, and 2005 and in my opinion should be a newly created monster as I mentioned before this is the most logical way to do it. If you read the article above in my opinion sounds interesting to take that approach and bring the new dead King Kong to life by incorporating increased strength and size so we can fight back Godzilla anyway that’s my thoughts on that.

The Journey to Skull Island

Written by Barney Buckley

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Not so long ago, on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean… This island is nowhere to be seen on any man except for one special map. In order to get to this map they will have to go through trial and tribulation justifying the map and once they find the map it will take them to an island that is full of incredible creatures and will test ability to survive on the silent. This entire story is based on certain events and battles that are done on this island. The island is full of crazy unimaginable creatures we have gigantic dinosaurs such as the V-Rexes who are the main predators on this island there is only one threat to the gigantic creatures and then again the V-Rexes are a threat to him as well. One of the largest and known dinosaurs is called Apatosaurus you will see this on the island. There are giant slugs and spiders I live on the island. There are gigantic huge bats that live on this island.

We also have velociraptors run around and stare and run down dinosaurs as well. The most unique thing about this island is a gigantic spiders that are on this island this is a unique part of the story as well. There is also a huge gigantic prehistoric snake that eventually fights King Kong of this day is over 100 feet long and at least 25 feet thick around this thing is huge. This immense threats that this 25 foot gorilla has to deal with his got his work cut out for him and that is why he has become vicious and as a tenacious attitude and is extremely strong and is capable with his own strength of destroying anything he gets his hands on. His name is King Kong. So sit back and following through the many adventures and terrifying events that we go through once we go to Skull Island.

In Search of the Map

The crew of an archaeological expedition has been pondering about the existence of a map that could lead them to a mysterious island that is not located on any map to man. It seems according to legends and talk that there is an actual map that could lead to an island that is located somewhere 12° south and 78° east and it is located off of Sumatra, Indonesia.

Unfortunately many people have traveled those roots and have not seen no such island. It is rumored to have been said that this island is constantly underwater and above water and disappears underneath the water every few thousand years but never has been seen by man. The archaeological expedition as led by Jack Prancer who has a degree in archaeologically and has been studying fossilized units and dinosaur findings for at least 20 years now. He is followed by an excellent crew of his who also helped him in discovering new dinosaur findings. New bones and new species. He has always been fascinated with the fact that there might be an island that I could actually use it exists that of dinosaurs. Real dinosaurs! This is why he wants to find that map or if that map actually exists.

Jack is having a conversation with his second in command who is and has been by his side for better part of 10 years now so they know each other quite well and they know each other’s intentions and he does know that Jack wants to find that map. His name is Samuel Harper. He too has been studying archaeology and also has attained a degree in archaeology but from a different University.

Jack-“Now Sam you know I want to find that map right? I just need to know where to start to look for this map.”

Sam-“I do understand Jack and I also understand your need to learn and find out the truth about the so-called island that they call Skull Island.”

Jack-“Yes same I have been trying to find this map in the last 10 years and as frustrating as it seems I think I am getting closer to making a connection and finding that map!”

Sam-“Jack I am with you all the way on this and if you do find a way to get to that map I’m right behind you because I am just as excited as you are and intrigue and hopefully this island does exist in what’s on the island is yet to be known!”

Meanwhile Sam and Jack are diligently working there archaeological find out in the date which is located just southeast of Sumatra clear out in the middle of the desert. They’re digging at what seems to be an underground mine or possibly a buried pyramid. They continue today as the rest of his crew are digging diligently and working very hard to get to the entrance of this mine or perhaps a pyramid.

It would be two days later they suddenly found something metal as they banged on it as a clear understanding dirt away they realize it is a door and they begin to clear the door completely free of dirt. Jack and Sam and over to the door which has a special locking key. In order for them to open this they need a special key and around the neck of Sam was a key and chain that was given to him by his late mother. The story to this key is his mother was an archaeologist and he followed in her footsteps and she gave him the key for keepsakes and it was the only thing that she ever gave him before she passed away. She never explained what he was about all what it was for, but suddenly he put two and two together. She was an archaeologist and it was a key.

Jack looks straight at Sam and looks down on his chest were the key is and then looked back up at Sam and Sam knew exactly what he wanted so without hesitation he pulled a key authenticity Jack.

Jack-“Is it really that simple you were given a key by your mother was an archaeologist and has been recorded to have not here and found some things and I believe this key might be a connection.”

Sam-“All I can say is my mother gave me that key and for what reason I do not know but she did tell me you need to hang onto this comes one day you might need this. They didn’t make any sense at first but today it does and I’m hoping that it is as simple as you say it is!”

Jack takes a key walks down the staircase to the door looks at the key and then looks at the slot in the door and carefully insert the key into the door turns into the right and the door starts clicking as you hear the tumblers drop. Jack’s hand is shaking because it is possible it might have opened this door in his notes on was on the other side and he is completely excited with anticipation. Jack grabs a handle twisted to the right and it opens the door. He pushes it however it is very hard to push open because the door is extremely thick and heavy and possibly there is dirt and rock behind it stop you from opening.

So Sam and a few others push on the door hard and eventually it opens all the way up. They step inside and the first thing that happens is they get a whiff all the extremely old air that was sealed inside for so many years. They had inside and there are torches that seem to be already saturated with some kind of oil so they grab one and use a modern-day lighter and invited up and then light up with these as it lights up the hall in a work their way down to the main cavern. Which leads them to a table that is made of complete stone and it has hieroglyphics of Skulls in what looks like natives worshiping a giant gorilla.

They studied the hieroglyphics and see a pattern that possibly the map is not too far behind or is it. They look at the top of this table and the notice a box which is made of stone and it has a giant skull on top of it and then look at the box carefully to make sure there is no booby traps. You never can tell especially inside one of these things and as ancient as it is is always that possibility. Jack walks up to the box put both hands on the box and literally opens up the box with hesitation of course he then immediately let’s go and steps back abruptly, but nothing is happening so we carefully walks back over to the box and he looks down inside and sees what looks like possibly a map but it is made of a special material it feels like skin, but it could be a leather material that the map is made up. He carefully grabs the map and immediately he gets an eerie feeling that something terrible is going to happen. He just senses it!

Jack-(all teary-eyed) “Sam I think we found it!”

Sam-(smiling) “Jack I believe you have! Are you excited now Jack!

Jack-“Guess What Boys! Guess Where We Are Going Boys! We Are Going to Skull Island!

Excited at their findings immediately step out of the pyramid or mine and immediately close it up and let anybody else’s knowledge Jack gives them the order to bury back over. By doing this they are covering their tracks because from this point on there that I need to watch themselves because possibly there are people looking for the same thing so Jack is being very cautious right now.

Beginning of a New Journey

Jack and Sam and the rest of his crew would travel like three days to get to their destination. They are coming from the tip of Florida in a travel across the Atlantic Ocean which would take them three days then it would take another five days to travel along the coast of Africa in another additional four days from the tip of Africa to pass Madagascar straight to the Indian Ocean to reach its destination as they finally do reach Sumatra here is where they jump on board the steamship they call “the Bellecourt” Jack and Sam and the rest of the expedition are now getting ready to board the ship and she is a steamship that is roughly 250 feet in length she is pretty big for her size and for that year.

The captain of the ship is not that Capt. Mongo and he has been writing her for about 15 years and it is his ship because he finally purchased her and is very hesitant to that these archaeologists take her to unknown regions. After much debating they finally convinced Capt. Mongo to head full steam straight to coordinates 12° south and 78° East. With the map in Jack’s hand he hangs on to this as if it were life changing and if he were to lose it would be the end of history. So he only looks at when he needs to and that he puts it back away in the small special metal box that he has hidden in his room for now. They would travel for additional two days and in this general area is where they would need to locate the island.

There are quite a few islands located in the general area of Sumatra and to find this particular island is like finding a needle in a haystack. They use a map to guide and throw any finally reach a destination where according to the map is where the island should be however all they see is a blanket of clouds which is kind of funny because normally the clouds are at sky level these are particularly at sea level. It is possible they could be releasing gases. Jack and Capt. Mongo discuss their situation and have to make a decision to actually travel blind through these clouds. They argue…

Capt. Mongo-“Jack I will not put my ship and my crew at risk for your greed! No way will I do that!”

Jack-“Capt. Mongo you need to listen to reason I need to know if the island is on the other side of this blanket of clouds!”

Capt. Mongo-“I told you Jack and not risking my crew for you!”

Jack-“Capt. I need you take a chance and hopefully we can get through this without much of a problem. I think this blanket of clouds is gas coming from the island so it houses don’t think it’s going to be hectic as we go into it is a great possibility they might send out until we get to the island if there is an island back there!”

Capt. Mongo-“All right we do this my way! We will venture into this cloudy substance, but we will do it at my pace and we will be careful! Do you got me Jack!”

Jack-“yes Capt. I do. We will do it your way! Thank you very much for your understanding and patience!”

The Bellecourt steams back up and head straight into the clouds but in a very slow pace and as they progress in it would be more like a half hour into it everyone is nervous because it feels very eerie because I can’t really see anything. The Bellecourt steams on and eventually the clouds start to dissipate and thin out as they see a clearing up ahead they see something absolutely horrible as they see the island does exist in the first thing that they see is the gigantic mountain that resembles a Skull. The Bellecourt steams into position and as it is going pass on the jagged rocks there are certain carvings that seem quite recognizable to that of a giant gorilla or something that is warship on the island. It doesn’t look like skulls it looks more like a gorilla.

The Bellecourt assumes position just 500 feet off of the shore of the island and the man prepare their equipment and their boats and they load them up and lowered into the water and proceed to row towards the shore. They start rowing to the shore when suddenly something huge was swimming by they don’t know what it is but they are looking all around themselves frantically. Suddenly it swims by again and the crew begin to panic. Then there is a sudden calm there are three boats out on the water looking frantically and then suddenly splash directly out of the water comes a gigantic sea serpent it comes crashing down on one of the boats killing everyone in that boat.

The other two boats start rowing frantically as they managed to escape unscathed. They finally make it to the shore and they stand on the shore as a see this sea serpent just wondering around the Bellecourt. It is not harming the Bellecourt because it is too big but it is swimming around the ship as if he was going to do something to.

Crew Member-“Holy crap did you see that monster!”

Another Crew Member-“I don’t think we can safely say it’s a monster it is a prehistoric creature and it does resemble that of Elasmosaurus which is similar to a plesiosaur. Except it is a lot larger.

Jack-“I see that we have more than we bargained for if that is the first of the creatures that we are going to say that we need to definitely watch ourselves.”

Sam-“I have to agree with you Jack I think we living in a world of dinosaurs now and that’s a crazy shit!”

The men get their gear and they pack up and head into the islands once they break the first barrier of trees they are totally amazed at the architecture and other eroded monuments that are on the island. It is something that man has never seen. What they see is an extravagant populace culture it seems that the structures are of Peruvian culture. As they look around they notice very large rock formations that represent housing as well as theory statues of skeletons embedded into walls and a gross amounts of stick formations that are wrapped around these housings and there it seems that the state formation is a form of protection against something huge.

Among the most amazing of all the features that they see on this island, so far is a gigantic wall that stands around 75 feet tall and it seems to wrap the entire island. The thing is the way it is built it seems like it’s holding something back on the other side of that wall. Now what is behind that wall we would soon discover really quickly here?

The Inhabitants

While Jack and his crew were checking out the entire structure on the island as well as the Great Wall which apparently will be holding something back but we do not know what it is because the doors that are leading to the wall are apparently close off on the outside to prevent something from inside coming out. Suddenly one of the cruel men see something dark and it is moving in a corner of one of the old Peruvian buildings. It apparently looks human however they distorted their body using certain mortification is to alter their body in a way. The crewmember carefully walks up to the native of the island and tries to lure her out because it is a female around 12 years old and eventually she eases her way out, but not too far from the building. Just so the crew can actually see what she looks like and one I mentioned body mortification you can see the eyebrows are peers with what looks like a very sharp bamboo toothpick like apparatuses.

They also have very gray colored pupils which honestly does not make any sense or how they got those pupils like that. Some of the high ranking natives do were headpieces that are cropped with feathers from: birds and their skin is very dank and very dark and oily. It seems these islanders or natives don’t have the capability to stay clean and dry in this environment. Because of the lack of hygiene it seems the majority of the natives have a lot of chipped teeth so they look very wild in nature. Most of the natives their hair seems to be in dreadlocks that are very nodded and woven with what looks like yak hair. The last thing I want to mention is some of the higher ranking natives are wearing scrolls over there for heads and skeletal bones of small animals or possibly human we do not know around her neck. It seems these islanders have been here for quite a long time and have grown accustomed to their ways. They cannot speak any, language just moans and grunts.

Eventually we start seeing more natives as they grow comfortable with our presence, but at the same time they are very cautious because it’s the first time they have seen any other humans on this island. The crew are not prepared or do they know how to interact with these natives as the natives begin to be very restless. The nervousness takes over as the natives suddenly rush off and hide to avoid any further confrontation with the crew. The crew suddenly looks around and they cannot find one native as if there were no natives on this island and all. This is how well they conceal themselves.

Into the Jungle

It is obvious Jack and the entire crew will no longer be associating themselves with the natives on this island because they are hiding from them because they just don’t understand what they are aware they came from. So they make their way up to the wall which seems to wrap around the entire island with no way in except one gigantic two section door. It seems to be fastened and held back by two gigantic logs that slide across through hinges that go halfway across the door on both sides. The natives carefully peek at the see what the crew is doing as the crew climbs up to the level of the door locks on both sides six men on the side as they grab the logs they pull hard and they slide across easily because they are raised with some kind of heavy oil for lubrication. Jack and Sam make their way down to the basement door…

Jack-“Okay Sam when we push these doors open and as far as I can say this island is extremely huge so we need to stick together!

Sam-“yesterday I definitely agree with you that we deftly need to stick together! Because there is no telling what’s on this island or with beyond these doors sort of speak!”

All six men three on each side of the two-sided doors push hard in the doors do swing open as they carefully walk in and they look around in case of any impending danger, but so far it looks safe so they grab their equipment and they head straight into the jungle. As they are walking into the jungle they noticed the vegetation as well as the trees are very different from what they’ve ever seen. One of the crew members is a paleontologist and has studied the plant life as well as the prehistoric bones so he has a great background in what certain things are. He starts popping off these crazy names of certain plants that he says do not exist today. That is setting the man in a different town they are already starting to be a little intimidated because now in the back of their mind their thinking possibly it could be like dinosaurs on this island.

They moved further and as a paleontologist notices certain trees he again says they are prehistoric in such and such an age. The crew listen but move on. As they venture into the jungle in the back of their minds they are wondering if there are any creatures of the ordinary on this island. They would soon find out that the creatures on this island or anything, but ordinary.

They make their way up to this to a range that is surrounded by heavy dense forest as well as huge stones that the men can look over and see a gigantic waterfall that leads down into a very green vegetative forest. It’s an absolutely beautiful site. As they are looking they are hearing voices in the back deep in the forest where they came from the turnaround and wonder what is coming. They are petrified when they see a 25 foot dinosaur that resembles a Tyrannosaurus rex however this dinosaur is a lot heavier in muscle and has a gigantic huge head with a lot of huge gigantic teeth. It is bigger than a T Rex in weight distribution. This dinosaurs called a V-Rex which is called a Vastatosaurus Rex. It’s easy crew and immediately started running after the crew and the crew runs towards the waterfall and they are cornered by this Vastatosaurus Rex at the same time they are looking over the waterfall because it seems to be the only way out.

They look down the waterfall …

Sam-“Jack would you want to do here!”

Jack-“I think the only thing we can do is jump over that waterfall and that’s a good 300 feet down. Whether we survive or not we are going to find out real fast!”

Sam-“Okay Jack just give us the word and we will jump!”

Jack-“On the count of three we all run and jump directly into the waterfall and hopefully we won’t raise down into the rock down below!”

Crew Member-“Are you fucking crazy I am not jumping down that waterfall!”

Sam-” You will fucking jump or you will have to deal with this big guy. It’s your choice you can stay here and he can have you for lunch or you can jump over that waterfall!”

The Vastatosaurus Rex carefully stares down all the crew as his mouth begins to water because it is lunch time for the Big V as he lets out a mighty roar and he spreads his legs so he can get ready to charge and snap up the crew for lunch.

Jack-“one, two, three, go, go, run!!!”

They run as fast as they can and without hesitation they jump directly into the waterfall falling directly down 300 feet into what they think is shallow water, but it is deep enough to save them however there are rocks and one of the crew members jumped in the path of that rock and smash his entire body on the rock below and now the entire pool of water below is turning red because his body is completely smashed and busted open. They managed to swim out of the water to the side as they look on as the one crew member did not quite make it and they grieve. Eventually they move on to their next destination what is in this lower Valley we do not know.

The Lower Valley

Jack and Sam and the rest of the crew are slowly venturing into unfamiliar territory again and this time there is no telling whether going to run into. It venture into the shallow part of the forest and they come across a very tiny field which is as high grass and it looks very peaceful, so Jack and Sam agree they will rest momentarily in this area. They break down food and drink as they rest for about a half hour. While they are resting they are hearing a distant cackling they can make it out but there seems to be several of those noises coming from the corner of the field. One of the men stands on a rock that is in the area and is checking out the area where they hear the cackling. He notices that the grass is moving rather rapidly something is moving in that corner and is moving very fast towards them.

The field has grass in the area that they are in is not as high as the grass going out ward as they hesitate they look on and they notice the strange looking dinosaurs that stand about 6 to 8 feet tall they resemble a Tyrannosaurus rex on a lot smaller and it seems they have feathers going down the top of their head to their neck. This is a strange creature is something they’ve never seen before. For obvious reasons. The paleontologist steps up and says no my friends we need to get here now they are velociraptors and they are predators and they are far worse than a Tyrannosaurus rex because they hunt in packs and the unique thing about these creatures is there very cunning and very intelligent. When you think you only see one they will attack you from the side this is how smart these guys are. We need to get here now. We are going to need to run extremely fast these guys are very fast and the thing is we need to get up in trees to avoid these bad boys otherwise we will not make.

The main thing is we have to climb trees and get up these trees as high as we can and there are trees directly behind us, so lovely turnaround and stray feathers trees and you climb them as fast as you can and get above that at least 12 to 15 feet. The men are scared as they’re not sure if they can find this trees fast enough. They turnaround very slow and then suddenly they run as fast as they can straight up the trees. Two of them were a little overweight and could not climb as they struggle to find the trees velociraptors cut them to shreds and had been for lunch. One of the velociraptors because they have great jumping prowess literally leapt in the air while one of the men was climbing a tree and jump on the man with such impact that he crushed his head and he fell to the ground.

While the rest of the crew look on as they hang on for dear life in these trees. It would seem like hours before the velociraptors would eventually leave because they are he had enough to eat. So they left and was never seen again.

Gigantic Arachnids

By now the entire crew is extremely exhausted and afraid for their lives. They are at the point they are panicking now so it is up to Jack and Sam to calm them down.

Sam-“Okay then I know we’ve been through some serious trials and tribulations right now and we just lost half our group, but I think I need you guys to focus and try to put your fears aside so we can keep exploring this island.”

Jack-“I thought there was some mystery to this island, but honestly I did not expect this and I know each and every one of you did not expect this.”

Sam-“You guys need to understand this is no longer an expedition is a fight for survival. Not knowing we are dealing with a lot of dinosaurs in this “Lost World” fucking island.”

Jack in the crew are traveling deep into the jungle now as the vegetation is starting to change to more rocklike formations in the eventually start traveling through a cavern which is very high and there is no way to climate however we need to get to the other side we will have to walk to this cavern.

Jack-“Okay men were not to break out the flashlights. Because we going to go to this cavern because there is no other way around this. I just hope for all our sakes that there is nothing crazy in this cavern.”

Crew Member-“You are driving us crazy! This is such bullshit, and to think I was curious about this island and honestly I just want to get off this fucking island!”

Sam-“You my man. You need to calm down. We will get through this!”

The men turn on the flashlights as a walk into the cavern it has a very sulfuric smell. This is probably because the actual cavern is made out of a limestone. As a walking through the cavern the eventually do see a light about 1000 feet in front of them. As they are walking they are hearing shuffling noises. Like something is crawling on the ceiling and on the sides of the walls, so they point their flashlights in the areas that they are hearing these noises and they are seeing gigantic looking centipedes they have to be at least 3 feet long. They were huge.

Now scared again the men start walking a little faster however before the entrance there are an extreme amount of large arachnids crawling all the walls on the ground and on the ceiling they stopped. They watch the arachnids very carefully as to hope they are not poisonous. The arachnids are yellow and black in color and they stand at an average of at least 3 feet high they have extremely long legs.

Jack-“Men these arachnids are not overly aggressive as far as I can see if we tread lightly and walk very slowly we might be able to get out of here without being harmed by the arachnids.”

Nervous Crew Man-“I don’t know! I think we’re going to get it here. I just don’t know! This is just crazy I want to get off this island!”

Sam-“We will get through this guys! You have to believe that there is a higher power! If you stick with me and Jack we will get you through this!”

The men carefully walk extremely slowly, so not to attract the arachnids. They inched their way through the tunnel and they are about to leave the entrance of the tunnel when suddenly one of the arachnids jumps on one of the crewmen’s back and he begins to panic. Rifles suddenly light up as a fire on the arachnids and shoot like two or three of them while they are running. The one crewmen that had the arachnids jumped on his back he shakes and shutters and eventually shakes the arachnids off and starts running. They all make it through the cavern with no serious damage and the crewmen that got attacked by the arachnids he is okay he did not give bit he is just scared! Everybody gets their shit together and they journey further on into the island.

Kong’s Graveyard

The crew are traveling deeper into the jungle as they make their way closer to the mountain that is shaped like a skull. As they travel towards the base of a mountain the brush and forest is getting very good so they pull out their machetes and start chopping away until they run into this wall. As they made their way around the wall there is an open field and they walk out into the field and turnaround and notices that the wall that they cleared by is not a wall at all is a gigantic statue of a gorilla, and from the looks of it this gorilla statue is very old and distinguished looking. Possibly this island was inhabited by giant gorillas at one time. They look at the statue and local way around and it’s the only thing this insight that they see.

As a keep looking around they do notice another hill so they head towards the hill and they walk up at the top of the hill and they look down and they see something that is truly amazing. What they are looking at is an entire family of skeleton skulls and their bones and they are extremely huge. They seem to be at least 25 to 50 feet tall. They are just laying around this area.

Jack-“Wow what do you guys make in this! You see this is what it’s all about is discovering things like this is what I like about my job it is a graveyard of Johnny gorilla skeletons!”

Sam-“Wow this is amazing I have never seen anything like this. There are different size skeletons here it seems that there is a giant rates of gorillas that was once on this Island. The question is do the giant gorillas still exist on this island!”

Jack-“That is why we are here on this island to find extraordinary things like these giant gorillas.”

One of the Crew-“I hope we don’t run into any these giant gorillas. Because if we do I would definitely shit my pants! (LOL)”

Jack and Sam in the crew headed down into the graveyard to do further studying on the skeletal remains of these giant gorillas. It is then they realize when they walk by the statue of the giant gorilla in this giant gorilla graveyard that this is the island that they heard that the mighty King Kong has been talked about. Somewhere along the lines they say there was an island where gigantic gorilla lives in Jack and Sam suddenly realize that they are on the island and could possibly be the island of King Kong.

While they’re walking through the graveyard if you notice giant footprints that are in the shape of the giant gorilla, so apparently there are still some left on the island because these footprints are still fresh.

Discovery of Kong

Jack in the crew head out of the gorilla graveyard and it worked their way deeper into the jungle as a get closer to school mountain they finally make it to the base of the mountain and they notice a path that leads straight up into the mouth of the mountain. They start heading up the path it would literally take three hours to get to the mouth of the mountain. There they carefully walk into the entrance of the mountain and they carefully walk through is very dark and damp and is a huge cavern. Jack and Sam they look around and notice it is built like a playground of sorts.

As they make it to the center of the cavern they start hearing grunts and noises that sound a lot like a gorilla would make. They bring together flashlights because it is extremely dark in there and they turn them on and look around but do not see anything. They keep looking with her flashlights and over in a corner is a huge stalagmite and stalactite configuration that forms a wall when suddenly they hear what sounds like footsteps. They keep her flashlights in that general area and suddenly they see a huge head and then the body, while it was a gigantic gorilla it must be King Kong that the legends have told us about. They looked at these giant gorilla stands around 25 feet tall and he is a silverback gorilla and upon a closer look they see that he is ridden with battle scars. His face as you scratch marks as if it was attacked by velociraptors were a species with very sharp claws. Jack in the crew are now scared shitless because it is possible King Kong will kill them all. They don’t know what to do, but King Kong is not threatened by them however they have the rifles pointed at him in case he does something crazy. The ideal is to get away from King Kong and get to safety. They now realize, to this island it was a big mistake.

They could make a run for it and make it outside of the cave, but the question is where would they hide from such a beast? Kong does not move however he is watching them very carefully in the crew knows if they do anything stupid you believe into action and destroy the entire crew. They slowly walk towards the entrance and Kong is still standing there not moving and he is way at the top of the cavern site will take them some time to get down to the cavern floor. These people have never seen a gorilla this big in a deftly do not want to agitate it. They slowly walked towards the entrance as they almost make it to the entrance when suddenly one of the crew is attacked by a spider shots are fired!

King Kong is startled by the shocks he immediately jumped into action he jumps down and climbs down the walls of the cavern and makes his way to the floor. Meanwhile the entire crew running for their lives they look frantically around to find themselves a place to hide, but there is no place to hide.

King Kong comes rushing out of the cavern grabs one of the men and tosses him over the edge where he falls to the bottom of the mountain. The path that leads out of the entrance leads directly into another part of the mountain is wide open in the path is not much more than 3 feet wide so the men do not have that much to run they have to be very accurate without falling over the edge is or is nothing stopping them from falling over the edge. They run as fast as they can to men slip off the edges and fall to their death. Jack and Sam as well as for other crewmen are the only ones left on the island and they managed to run inside the cave and they notice a cracking the walls as they run towards the crack in the high deep inside the crack away from King Kong. Kong reaches his arm and angrily and frantically to try to get a hold of them, but they are just out of his reach and eventually he gives up and leaves the cavern altogether. Jack and the rest of the crew carefully walk out of the crack and look around very carefully to make sure that giant gorilla King Kong is not around waiting for them. They even look up the missionaries not hang up and around the top of the cavern anywhere. It seems that they are safer now.

Giant Gorillas

Jack and Sam and the remaining crew are now scared for their lives. They are trying to calm down and figure out a way to get off the island. Is not a place for humans! Jack and Sam carefully look outside of the entrance of the cavern to make sure that King Kong is not waiting for them anywhere. He does not seem to be in sight. He possibly could be in the other cavern and the men are not going that way and there is no other way to get out of here.

Sam-“How we got to get out here?”

Jack and the rest of the crew looking around and Jack notices what looks like a path that leads on the outside of the cavern that they were just in.

Jack-“Sam do you see what I see over here. It looks like a path is covered with brush and shrubbery. I think we need to take this path and get as far away from King Kong as we possibly can.”

They pull out their machetes and they start chopping their way through and yes they do discover a path however there going to have to chop their way through because it is heavily dense with greenery. They chop their way around the side of the mountain which would take them anywhere from 30 to 45 min. they traveled pretty well until he came to and LEFT out on the other side of the mountain. Jack and Sam decided to let the men rest and get their faculties and more. They are resting for what seems like 20 min. when they suddenly heard a familiar grunts again. They panic because they think its King Kong as a look frantically around to see where those other, from. Sam walked over to the edge and realize there is a very beautiful looking valley below and it’s more like 300 feet so it’s not that deep down a mountain range it’s a gigantic plot to that was built off the back of the mountain range which has beautiful green grassy fields and in those fields are three gigantic gorillas.

Sam-“Jack, here take a look at this. It is true this island has gigantic gorillas! Look at that!!!”

Jack-“Oh My God! There are more these things! I say we deftly need to get off this island are we are not going to make it!”

As they look at the gorillas down below they realize one of them stands around the same sizes King Kong however this one is very old looking and has seen its better days and it’s just standing there watching the other two gorillas play. The other two gorillas they are just little ones not fully mature yet. They only stand around 15 feet altogether while Kong is a lot larger than both of these guys. Anyway the men know they are safe where they’re at. So they collect their thoughts and come up with a plan to somehow get off the island. As the rest they do not notice that even though they are on a plateau there up the side of the mountain where they are at is an opening that they did not pay attention to and suddenly the mighty King Kong gracefully walked out to the ledge and looks down to see the man just relaxing. Not knowing King Kong at any time could jump down and kill them. The men they have conversations with each other about the reason why they came to this island and it was because of the ignorance and greediness of Jack and his un-relenting pursuit to find something out of the ordinary. While they are having a conversation they built a campfire which clearly is something they should not have done because it would draw attention. To what we do not know, but they were not thinking at the time and it did in fact draw King Kong out of the cave when they were unaware of the ledge above. King Kong carefully walks these men sit there and drink and eat and be merry while at the same time King Kong is pondering on what to do with these humans. Kong sits there and reflects on his life as when he was a little gorilla he reflected on how he used to play down in the very same field that he is seeing right now, but vaguely remembers because of the trials and tribulations he has been through.

The Crew’s Demise

While the crew is focusing on a plan to get off the island one of the members happen to look up the mountain and notice a ledge and on that ledge he sees King Kong and King Kong is looking great straight at these guys and he panics and warns the rest of the people to look up because there is King Kong. They now know that Kong is on that ledge and he knows they know so he stands up and starts pounding his chest and roars with a mighty roar. He then comes back down on his hands and jumped off the ledge down to the plateau. He grabs to the man and smash them together killed them instantly Jack and Samba running frantically, but don’t quite make it Kong grabs him and tosses them to the ground they are badly hurt. Kong smashes the other two crewmen with his bare hands destroy them completely. The last two to survive are Jack and Sam the idea of the entire crew being killed here is an omen as a blessing because no one is supposed to know about this island or what kind of troubles it may bring if it is discovered. So it is a good thing that the entire crew was killed here today. Skull Island will now remain in secrecy once again. King Kong approaches Jack and Sam grabs Jack and looks at him as if to say “why are you here on my island” “I do not want to here” King Kong looks at them one last time opens his mouth and whites down on Jack’s head killing him instantly and then he throws him over the side. The last one would be Sam his entire body has been crushed by the impact of being thrown to the ground at great speeds. He is spitting up blood as Kong carefully walks up to him and watches him die before he steps on him and crushes him to death. The crew is no more!

Understanding of King Kong

Kong gently sits down on the plateau and reflects on what he has done as an active safety not an act of war. King Kong is a gigantic gorilla who in fact thought he was the only giant gorilla left on the island. His reflection of being alone has made him angry and bitter. Of all the creatures on the islands King Kong is the only one with the innate ability of sustaining understanding and loneliness. Kong has gazed at the sunrise because they are beautiful and relaxing as he gently falls asleep for the night. The next morning he wakes up he is walking around looking at all the dead bodies and he has come to realize he is getting tired. He is tired of being bitter, terrorizing, and unabashed. Kong is starting to wake up as he sits on the plateau and he gets up and climbs up towards the ledge that he came from. He gets up on the ledge and he sits there and gazes out towards the island for all its beauty. Over to the left he notices velociraptors running through a field and gigantic dinosaurs called Apatosaurus you notice that in the far-off distance, but what really took them by surprise was over in a field he sees the three gorillas that the crew has seen earlier. Kong gets on all fours and frantically looks on with it anticipation and anger. Because it was 15 years ago when King Kong was a baby just like the two little ones that he sees in the field Kong wandered off one day and his family did not look for now he was just assumed he was lost and he has been bitter about it ever since and now anger is setting and after 15 years of bitterness. He decides to do something about it!

Kong jumped down off the ledge again and runs over to the edge to look at them they don’t notice them. He hesitates and watches the two little ones play in the field and reflects back on when he was a young and he did the same thing in a letter to him wandering off and then the anger set in.

Giant Gorilla Melee

King Kong stands on his 2 feet and starts pounding his chest and letting out the biggest roar that can be heard across the island. He falls back on his forehands and looks as the other gorillas notice him up on the plateau and the oldest gorilla looks at him as if to say “I Remember You” Kong will set the old one and looks at the younger ones and then looks back at the old one. He has this mean look on his face while looking at the old one you been suddenly jumps over the plateau in one single bound he lands directly in front of the old gorilla. The old gorilla knows that King Kong had disappeared 15 years ago and he can see the anger in his eyes that he is going to kill the old one and the old one knows he needs to protect the two younger ones. Kong circles the old one while the old one is circling him to avoid any confrontation however that is futile is going to happen. Kong charges the old one and they start fighting Kong is fighting him and throwing all kinds of watches and trying to bite at his neck as they both fall to the ground fighting. Meanwhile the two younger gorillas are standing back because they are not used any kind of angry confrontation with another gorilla. Kong immediately gets on top of the old one because the old one cannot withstand Kong’s impressive strength. King Kong is extremely strong compared to the old one but he holds fast but King Kong is just too much for him. King Kong manages to break free of the old ones grip as he begins to pound on the old ones face and body at a very rapid rate. The old ones arms began to drop to its side as the younger ones look on they know the old one is not going to make it. Kong fees pounding on him as the old one is no longer moving. King Kong stops pounding and jumps off of the old one.

The old one is barely breathing as Kong settles down and realizes that in his anger he realizes he made a terrible mistake. This is because the two younger gorillas other than Kong himself are the only ones left on the islands. King Kong knows the old ones is going to die. Kong carefully walks up to them as if to say “I am sorry I did this to you” “my anger I got the better of me” “I know what I did was wrong and I know you were going to die because of the damage that I inflicted on you” the older gorilla looks on and says in his own mind “I forgive you and I do understand why you were angry and why you did what you did. Do not blame yourself it was our fault that you wander off we went looking for you however we gave up the search as we assumed you were dead. Forgive us because we did not know you were still alive!

The old one drifts off and suddenly dies! Kong looks at the old one and then turns around whatsoever towards the little ones with big heavy forehand smashes his hands to the ground. Both gorillas look at him with such fear however that is not Kong’s intentions. He is now obligated to take care of the little ones and when he does. He communicates with them and pretty much tells them “you two little ones are to stick with me and I will train you on how to defend yourself against the elements on this island.”

The two little gorillas are jumping up and down as they run back and forth in the field as if nothing has ever happened in one of them carefully walks over to the older one and looks at him as if to say “I am sorry you were dead, but I hope you’re in a better place.” The little one goes back and joined his brother and Kong with a mighty roar less than no we need to move on and the training shall begin.

King Kong versus the Snake

King Kong and the little ones are deep in training as well as venturing through the island and running into dangers. As a little ones are being trained King Kong with me his greatest fight yet. They wander into this old cavern that is surrounded by Pete moss and vegetation. This particular area is very moist as Kong ventures into the cavern with the little ones to rest. They settle down and Kong here’s a slithering sounds is dark indicating as he cannot see what is slithering. Kong immediately gets up and takes a little ones outside became where they remain in King Kong and the little ones look at the entrance of the cave to see what could possibly be in if it will come out of the cave.

As they weight they finally see what it is it is a gigantic snake that is over 300 feet long. This snake was gigantic and Kong have his hands full because the snake tries to go after one of the little gorillas in King Kong immediately attack it and sinks his teeth directly into the neck of the snake while hanging on. The snake as strong and muscular as it is in his flailing King Kong around balancing him off the ground and into the cavern wall behind him. It was shake King Kong loose as he sits there dazed and confused. The snake turned around and lunges for King Kong in King Kong jumps immediately out of the way and grabs him by the neck again and this time they roll around as the snake wrapped his body around King Kong. The little ones are jumping frantically as they automatically jump on the snake with King Kong. They bite down on the snake and the snake immediately lets King Kong go. Because it was squeezing the life out of Kong and he was just about to give up. If it wasn’t for the little ones pointing down on the snake King Kong would be no more. Kong gets his shit together and look for the little ones as if to say “Thank you both for helping me. If it wasn’t for you to biting down on the snake I would not have made it!” King Kong immediately attacks a snake again only this time he bites down directly on the jugular of the snake and he hangs on for dear life King Kong would hang on for what seemed like an eternity in the snake eventually relaxes to the points were King Kong then jumps and grabs its jaws and literally rips it also part killing the snake. While King Kong is killing the snake the other little Kong’s we shall call them are biting the snake into different areas. The snake eventually relaxes and dies.

The Final Fight

King Kong now walks over to the little Kong’s and thanks them for their help and also teaches them that this is what we need to do in order to survive. All three of them wonder deeper into the islands they haven’t run into anything dangerous as of late not since the snake. And eventually they come across this waterfall and the all jumping in for a nice relaxing swim. They swim around and they swim into the waterfall as they are excited to play again and King Kong is not refreshed he steps out of the water and sits at the shore and watches the little Kong’s play. King Kong knows that there should be time for play! Kong roars because he knows it’s time to move on and adventure further into the islands in a come across this huge field that is very grassy it seems a stretch for miles so Kong and his little ones have now got to venture across this field.

They would get a quarter of the weight throw one in here roughly through the grassy field. This alarmed the little Kong’s in King Kong senses danger as they start running into the field the roughly season be getting closer and finally headed into an open part of the field in a stop. They turn around and look to see what is that is chasing them and it is velociraptors. Once again we have run into velociraptors and they are vicious and they like to eat fresh meat because they are predatory. There are like 10 of them. However they are considerably smaller than King Kong and the little ones.

King Kong and the little ones standard round at the velociraptors surround them and they begin to attack them and being that they are gorillas they are capable of throwing a screeches off at a rapid rate because of their strength. Kong smashes and then with his mighty fists as well is the little ones are grabbing them and biting them as they bite back. The little ones are torn up pretty bad and this is because velociraptors have a hook like feature that is capable of slicing through anything like butter. It’s there essential tool that helps them bring down their prey so they can feast on it. Meanwhile the little ones are scarred up pretty bad from these folks what they are doing pretty good job fighting them off.

King Kong has already killed six of these velociraptors and the other four are tacking the little ones King Kong immediately goes after them and kills two velociraptors. While the little ones killed the remaining two. Their panting with fear as they fought off 10 velociraptors and did an amazing job and keep it alive. They are badly wounded however they will manage to survive. As a venture further into the fields they are almost at the point where they are leaving the fields when suddenly a gigantic Vastatosaurus Rex comes crashing out of the woods and immediately goes after the little ones however King Kong steps up to the plate.

He immediately starts to fight the Vastatosaurus Rex and jumped up on his shoulders and manages to knock the Vastatosaurus Rex to the ground. He tries to grab at his jaws to break them as he sees pointing on the Vastatosaurus Rex. He pounds and pounds this beast. The beast manages to get up dazed and confused as Kong standing there waiting for it to do something. Suddenly two more Vastatosaurus Rex is come crashing out of the forest and now King Kong has a problem. The little ones are scared as they hide behind Kong. King Kong will do all he can to protect the little ones and then suddenly charges all three of the Vastatosaurus Rex. There one big one and two little ones that come onto the shoulders of the big one. All three are pretty decent size Vastatosaurus Rex. The little Kong only stand around 15 feet tall and King Kong himself is 25 feet tall but he is much more massive.

Kong charges all three and manages to get into a mighty melee with the three Vastatosaurus Rex is this fight will go on for more than 20 min. King Kong is completely exhausted as he tried to do his best to keep these Vastatosaurus Rex is from killing the little ones. Meanwhile the little ones look at each other and sense that King Kong is in danger and they decide to do something about it. They both charge the two littler Vastatosaurus Rexes as they begin to fight them they are still learning how to fight such a deadly creature. They pound on these Vastatosaurus Rexes for all their worth. While King Kong gives a chance to rest a little bit. King Kong has enough reserved energy to get back into the game event charges the big one again because the big one was going after the two little Kong. The two little Kong very resourceful and fast so they have managed to avoid being bitten by these creatures.

Kong charges rapidly activate one knocking the big one to the ground he then jumps on it and pounds the crap out of it. The Vastatosaurus Rex throws King Kong off knocking him to the ground as he is a little dazed. He looks at the little ones they are holding their own and suddenly one of the little ones snacks and neck of a Vastatosaurus Rex and kills immediately. Stands there breathing heavy as if to say “I just destroyed you” he then immediately attacks the other Vastatosaurus Rex that is attacking his brother. Kong then gets back up slowly and looks on, but suddenly he feels this chart piercing crushing pain on his shoulder and neck.

The larger Vastatosaurus Rex has got King Kong by his neck and shoulder with those huge drawls and he is clamping down for everything that is worth. Cooling and jerking as he is ripping the flesh of Kong Kong is not gonna make it as he lays on the ground the Vastatosaurus Rex steps on calls back with his sharp claws scratch is at his back even huge gashes in his back he is now bleeding profusely. While the Vastatosaurus Rex is biting down on King Kong one of the little ones notice that Kong is badly injured. He immediately charges and does all he can with the big Vastatosaurus Rex.

He tries all he can however it is just not enough and the other little one manages to kill the smaller Vastatosaurus Rex. He then charges the bigger one as they are completely exhausted in a do all they can as a managed to climb up on this creature one I managed to grab his jaws and pull hard to the right causing the Vastatosaurus Rex to lose his balance and fall to the ground both the little ones immediately grabbed one end of the jaw and the other little one grabs the lower jaw and they begin to pull and yang profusely with all their strength and snap the jaw of this huge beast killing him.

The little ones get off breathing heavy because they know they just killed three of the deadliest dinosaurs on this island. They slowly walked over to Kong was breathing heavy however his breathing is erratic as they sense he is not going to make it used to badly wounded. The whole justification of King Kong dying and leaving these two little ones to survive on their own is just a terrible fault, but unfortunately this is what’s going to happen! King Kong’s breathing slows down and it gets slower and slower until finally he does not breathe no more. King Kong has died!

The two little ones know that King Kong is now dead and are eternally grateful to him for what he has taught them and for keeping them alive as long as they did. Because this island is not an island of safety is an island of survival!

The two little Kong’s eventually the Kong where he is and in the back of the field are more velociraptors as soon as a Kong’s leave the velociraptors come over and start feeding on Kong. Kong would be the last of the giant gorillas however we do have these two giant gorillas that are not fully mature yet, but the question is will they survive from their wounds. Whether they do or not remains yet to be seen as a need to carry on the legacy of King Kong.

It would eventually be that one of the two little Kong don’t quite make it and there is only one left and he remains to be the new King Kong! He was fully mature are and eventually be taken off the island by Carl Denham because he is money hungry and because King Kong is the eighth wonder of the world. However there is one problem he would take King Kong to New York City and King Kong would eventually die in New York City falling off of the Empire State building. Will the King Kong legacy continue nobody knows, nobody knows!

The End

The Goofy Kong

Why so those King Kong is not up to par!

Written by Barney Buckley

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There are several reasons why the King Kong suits that the Toho Company’s Godzilla fault in 1962 does not seem to measure up or look realistic in any way. It is said that King Kong is symbolic to that of the United States and they simply wanted it to look dumb as an insult to the United States. How true this is we do not know! For the purpose of this article this particular King Kong suit will not be dubbed the worst monster suit design and Toho history.

Theory One

Thomas special-effects cameraman Teisho Arikawa he did say that in the early 1960s the sculptors presented many models of the proposed ideal for King Kong to each Eiji Tsuburaya. E.g. to Sue variety rejected all of these designs. Eventually of course he chose the one that got used for King Kong versus Godzilla. Eiji Tsuburaya was under an overly restrictive production schedule? He didn’t have to decide on the certain Kong design and by all accounts was meticulous and patient in his work; consequently, it is doubtful he threw up his hands in despair chose his sculptures latest Kong design at a temperamental discontent.

Theory Two

The Toho’s Kong design was on seemingly because the monster symbolized the disdain west. The director Inoshiro Honda release all but Toho Kong as a symbol of the United States, whereas Godzilla naturally symbolizes Japan. Others have speculated that Honda song, and Godzilla in these forms as well. Could it be, then, that Toho’s Kong unkempt appearance was a deliberate knock against America? Probably not. Director Inoshiro Honda apparently took no part in the creation of the Toho Kong’s much-maligned design.

Theory Three

Toho Kong appears to be a satire of Kong because King Kong versus Godzilla is itself a satire? King Kong versus Godzilla knows that the film is largely played as a comedy, spoofing the Japanese media could be, then, that in keeping with the movies like tone, Toho calls threadbare parents is an intentional tongue-in-cheek to RKO’s King Kong!

Theory Four

Eiji Tsuburaya’s love for children influenced him to select a nonthreatening King Kong design.

Of the four theories presented this one boasts the most persuasive evidence while seeking shelter with children during World War II bombing raids easy to Sue variety would take the youngsters mind off the terrors by regaling them with stories about King Kong.

The Many Different Skull Islands

Written by Barney Buckley

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This is a name that is most often used to describe a fictional island that absolutely seems to appear in most King Kong films and that includes the newest one in 2017. It is the home of the mighty King Kong as well as several other species of creatures that are mostly prehistoric in some cases. There are species that have been long extinct as far as we know and there is even a primitive society of humans located on this island.

There are many different incarnations of the island in the movies such as King Kong 1933, Son of Kong 1933, King Kong versus Godzilla 1962, King Kong Escapes 1967, King Kong 1976, King Kong 2005 and finally was one Kong Skull Island 2017. The islands and King Kong versus Godzilla 1962 is called Faro Island and in King Kong Escapes 1967 that was called Mondo Island.

The origins of Skull Island are hardly known or literally on those still to this day. The island is famous for having an oversized gigantic ape like monster as well as other strange creatures that do exist on this island. When it comes to King Kong on Skull Island in most cases he is usually the only surviving member of his species. There is evidence in the Peter Jackson version of King Kong as we do see skeletal formations of all the King Kong’s. Kong Skull Island also shows what is believed to be King Kong’s parents and they were eaten by the Skull Crawler’s.

King Kong 1933


The map above is the actual math that was used in the movie King Kong 1933 and within the movie is never really mentioned by his name. In King Kong, the island is never mentioned by name and is located at approximately 12°S 78°Esomewhere off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. There is a distinctive rocky knoll in the center of the island which is shaped like a human skull, which is referred to as “Skull Mountain”.

Upon entering the island it would seem most likely that it would be deserted bought the expedition would soon find out that that is not the case. This particular island is filled to the brim what has superstitious natives, prehistoric creatures of all sorts and obviously one gigantic ape like monster. This ape like monster is also known to the Islanders as “Kong”.

In the novelization done by Delos Lovelace is simply called “Skull Mountain Island”. However the company that owns the rights to King Kong “RKO Pictures” refers to it as Skull Island and this is in some of their publicity material.

Now the creatures that they come across on this island are King Kong (Gigantic Ape like Monster), Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Two Legged Lizard, Pteranodon. The Lost Spider Pit Scene (not seen in the movie)

Son of Kong 1933

Now the other creatures that are on this island are from the movie Son of Kong this is where Carl Denham makes his return back to the island. He does manage to run into a little Kong named Kiko and it does fight a giant cave bear. There is also a Styracosaurus as well as a dragon-like Nothosaurus which Little Kong kills. There is a rather very unique looking serpent -like creature called Elasmosarus.

King Kong versus Godzilla 1962


This island is very similar to Skull Island this King Kong comes from the Faro Island and also has a native tribe as well and the various creatures on this island are a gigantic octopus that they call Oodako. There is also a giant lizard which played a very small part in this film.

King Kong Escapes 1967


This is very similar to Faro Island that was used in the movie King Kong versus Godzilla 1962 and is very similar to Skull Island in some respects. However this island is called Mondo Island and it does have a 20 m tall version of King Kong as well as other creatures on this island. There is also one particular older native that is shot by Dr. who and the creatures that are on this island are a gigantic dinosaur called Gorosaurus. There was also a giant sea serpent which is very similar to the giant snake that King Kong 1976 fought. Accept he fought this in the water. One large creature that he does fight and that is his version of himself it is called Mechani Kong.

King Kong 1976


As we all know we return yet again to Skull Island and the layout and design in my opinion is very detailed as we see a gigantic wall that is wrapped around this island and that is to achieve King Kong in as well as keeping him away from the natives on this island. The only creature that he does fight in this movie is a gigantic boa constrictor. The island is very detailed in some aspects especially around the natives and the gigantic wall and that massive door that keeps King Kong out. He does eventually obliterate that door to get to Dwan.

Kong: The Animated Series


There is an animated TV series on the 1966 version that they call “The King Kong Show” this one is called “Kong: The Animated Series and this particular island is simply named Kong Island. Unlike his previous incarnations this particular island is definitely situated directly in the center the Bermuda triangle however not in the Pacific Ocean. There are various prehistoric creatures living on this island and this island also contains some ruins were one of them actually serves as a present for the demon Chiros.

King Kong 2005


Now this particular version is loaded with all kinds of creatures on this particular island. There is probably over 100 different type of creatures that are mentioned in this new version of King Kong. However we will not get into that here because there are just simply too many of them to mention. I will mention the main ones and they are King Kong, Brontosaurus, Venatosarus, Vastaosauruus Rex, Scorpiopede, and other various creatures that Peter Jackson in fact did a new version of the spider scene or the spider pit scene which has some very unique creatures.

Kong Skull Island 2017


This is the newest installment of the King Kong franchise. Now this particular version of Skull Island is in fact completely different than any of the other versions. It is believed rumor that the creatures on this island or absolutely gigantic in size and yes they are completely different creatures not in the way of dinosaurs gigantic Kaiju. It is also believed that there is a super cell or perpetual storm that protects this island just like in the King Kong version from 1976 there was a cloud formation wrapped around that island as well. The creatures on this version of Skull Island are completely different. First to run into the largest incarnation with the exception of the King Kong from King Kong versus Godzilla 1962 that King Kong stands over 148 feet tall and is there King Kong stands right now 104 feet tall.

However this King Kong will probably grow to be about 300 feet tall and possibly more or less. The other creatures on this island are the bamboo spider this spider stands around 15 to 20 feet tall very similar to a daddy long legs. Psycho vultures and there are a lot of these very small and dangerous batlike creatures. Natives on this island are called Iwe Tribe and they are very similar to most of the tribes in the other King Kong films. There is also a skeleton Buffalo that they call Sker Buffalo and this day is very unique as it can stay submerged in water for days at a time. It has algae on its body. A gigantic Longhorns that are longer than its body. The biggest threat on this island on the Skull Crawler’s. These are very the animallike to the creatures that are very predatory and will stop at nothing to eat its prey. They did in fact kill King Kong’s parents and that is the reason why you hold a grudge against them.

Anyway that is it for now on the whole skull Island concept. I hope you guys enjoyed some interesting facts about each version of the island. With the exception of Faro Island and Mondo Island they are very similar yet in different locations for different types of King Kong’s for The Toho Motion Picture Company.

My Theory on Godzilla versus King Kong: Who Is Stronger?

Written by Barney Buckley

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The first thing I like to mention is there seems to be a lot of Godzilla fans and fans alike that seem to underestimate the power of King Kong. Some believe and it is possible that Godzilla will be stronger than King Kong. What I will do is break it down in the way that I envision and cannot rule out that what I say could possibly happen. These will make some pretty interesting theories to say the least! What I will do is break down the strength and weaknesses of Godzilla and King Kong.

The first thing we will do is talk about Godzilla and his strength along with his weapons. We all know that this Godzilla is extremely massive and very heavy at 90,000 tons. I will tell you this he is built like a sumo wrestler and because of his massive weight he can do some pushing around.

He also has a very long arms that have very sharp talons and he can do some slashing at King Kong. Godzilla also has that very long and massive tail that could literally clip King Kong and possibly knock him out or do some major damage to his body.

Even though this Godzilla ways at 90,000 times and is extremely massive is very fast for his size. I will tell you this and I can guarantee you King Kong will be faster. Unfortunately it is meant to be their way and I say this is because when you watch Godzilla films in most cases he walks very slow he is a slumbering beast this is how he is portrayed with the exception of Godzilla 1998. That Godzilla is the fastest Godzilla out there.

Now we will talk about Godzilla’s atomic breath and this is according to the movie Godzilla 2014. His atomic breath in that movie was definitely effected by the EMP pulse by the Kaiju Muto, so what I’m saying is we did not see the full potential on his atomic breath. However in the movie “Godzilla: King of Monsters” which is coming out in 2019. He will be fighting possibly Rodan, Mothra and his greatest adversary King Ghidorah. This movie should prove to be an amazing movie should they do it right. By the time this movie comes out we should see the full potential of his atomic breath as there are no Muto that will affect his atomic breath as far as we know.

Now we will talk about the King of Kaiju here in America and that is King Kong!

First off I will tell you this and we need to get one thing straight the King Kong that will be fighting Godzilla in 2020 is a completely different species of King Kong. These are not the King Kong’s in 1933, 1962, 1966, (The King Kong Show) 1967, 1976, 1986, and last but not least 2005. These are not the same King Kong that people always seem to make that association with. This is a different species of King Kong!

Let’s talk about this particular species of King Kong. First off he is classified according to the movie Kong Skull Island which is coming out in 2017 in March. This Kong is classified as an adolescent super species and this particularly means that he is a very young King Kong. (He is a teenager). The island that he lives on as well as all of the other creatures they are extremely larger than normal and that is probably do to the fact that there are pockets of radiation all over Skull Island. King Kong is no exception to that rule he probably got that large at 100 feet tall due to the pockets of radiation on this island.

Now continuing with this thought everybody seems to make a mistake by saying that this King Kong is too small to fight Godzilla and yes they are right about that for now. Here is my theory on what will happen with King Kong. Because King Kong is an adolescent super species like I mentioned before he is a teenager and he does stand out 100 feet tall in the movie. This is where people assume that he will not grow anymore when in fact according to the movie is set on the 1970s during the Vietnam War. With this in mind call will have some 50 years to grow and this is due to the pockets of radiation on the island as we all know the creatures are extremely extremely large. He will grow! I believe he will grow into a extremely massive adult ape like monster. I am assuming you will be extremely massive should they do this right.

King Kong’s Abilities!

Now we will talk about King Kong’s abilities first off I’d like to mention that what I’m going to say is scientific fact. Gorillas they usually stand and it depends on what kind gorilla we are talking about an average of 5 to 6 feet tall and they have the strength of anywhere from 3 to 10 human beings. This is the theory we will use for this King Kong. Like I mentioned he will have time to grow and it could be anywhere from 40 to 50 years because I mentioned this is set during the 1970s and by the time he does clash with Godzilla it’ll probably be around 2020. This is where I am assuming he might grow to about 250 feet tall with the strength that I mentioned before of the human theory he will be incredibly incredibly strong and perhaps even more powerful than Godzilla. Then again he might not? This is the part that most Godzilla fans do not want to hear! But we cannot rule out this possibility that King Kong could possibly be stronger than Godzilla!

Now that I have mentioned the possibility that King Kong could possibly be stronger than Godzilla let’s dig further into why I think he could possibly have the advantage over Godzilla. First off let’s talk about his massive arms and the incredible strength within his arms and I did mention that King Kong will be a lot faster than Godzilla as he could possibly maneuver around Godzilla and jump on his back without doing any kind of damage from the dorsal plates of Godzilla he could maneuver and wrapped his arms around Godzilla’s neck and possibly choked him out. But then again as strong as Godzilla is could possibly flip them over and offer him. I also like to mention that because of his strength in his arms even though he could choke out Godzilla he could possibly be strong enough to snap Godzilla’s neck and that is the end of Godzilla as we know it!

Now I will tell you this King Kong does not have any conventional weapons not like that of Godzilla. Godzilla has that tail as well as his atomic breath and his sumo wrestling capabilities. I will tell you this King Kong will definitely be a lot smarter than Godzilla and I’m not trying to take away from Godzilla, but this Godzilla is a thinking Godzilla and he has savage.

This Godzilla I will tell you this does have the edge when it comes to conventional weapons as I mentioned before. Now I know being a Godzilla fan myself for over 37 years I would have to give the advantage to King Kong when it comes to maneuvering and possibly strength. I will give it to Godzilla for being massive and having that atomic breath sure he hit King Kong with his atomic breath it definitely will do some damage to him, but not in the way that people seem to think it will. This King Kong is nuclear so he has that advantage security get hit by the atomic breath in my not do the damage that people seem to think because he is nuclear. The other King Kong’s that I mentioned earlier will definitely not survive the onslaught of King Kong and not because of their size. Is because all the radiation that Godzilla has within his body he would literally kill those King Kong’s. Not this King Kong!

Now I want to talk about this Godzilla according to Gareth Edwards and his team as well as a comic book series based on this Godzilla in my opinion they built him a little too much as he seems to be way too powerful and I think that’s why a lot of these Godzilla fans don’t think that King Kong stands a chance is because of the built of hype of this Godzilla. Now don’t get me wrong if he is that powerful that I will tell you this King Kong does not stand a chance. It is in my opinion that they should be equal in some aspects, so that we can see a pretty decent fight between the two of them.

I will finish this off with the fact that I am looking forward to the movie coming out in March 10, 2017 and that is the movie “Kong: Skull Island” which will be and build up to the major movie that’s coming out in 2020 and that my friends is “Godzilla versus Kong” (Tentative Title) I do want to add further that I would like to see some elements from the original 1962 version of King Kong versus Godzilla which is a classic in my opinion. I would like to see maybe King Kong flipping Godzilla over his shoulders and possibly the tree scene that would be cool to see. However I don’t they were going to see that because this Godzilla is extremely savage and he will go straight after King Kong. We are definitely going to see are really really good fight with some amazing scenes. Anyway I am going to end in here this is my theory on why I think King Kong does in fact stand a chance against this Godzilla!

It is not to say that Godzilla will not win this fight because he probably will or probably won’t I am saying it might end up in a draw or somewhere along the lines they will be distracted by something else should they go this route. Anyway I am looking forward to these movies and I know all you Godzilla and King Kong fans are looking forward to the ultimate Kaiju clash!

Let’s Talk King Kong!

Written by Barney Buckley

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Here’s some information based on the King Kong character used in the movie King Kong versus Godzilla 1962. The most famous Godzilla follow surely a wonder of the world-and that is King Kong. Keep in mind the giant gorilla that appears in King Kong versus Godzilla is not a reincarnation of a race Paramore from the 1933 classic this is a completely different King Kong with a different origin and I will proceed to explain to you what they are. The Toho Kong standing roughly 45 m tall and is far larger than the original 1933 classic. Technically would not have been no match against Godzilla because Godzilla is about five times the size. This particular Kong was discovered on a fictional South seas island called Faro Island. The supersized simian is captured interest ported back to Japan by a publicity hungry pharmaceutical company. Breaking his bonds, King Kong waits the waters to the shore and eventually meets Godzilla in a clash of the titans. He receives the worst of the reptile radioactive ray in round one, what comes back from defeat to battle the King of monsters once again in a standstill at the foot of Mount Fuji.

To partially compensate for Godzilla’s atomic Ray, the Japanese Kong is endowed with the power to draw strength from electricity and generate shocks from his fingertips, but his most potential weapons are his agility and cunning gorilla brain. He is a very smart gorilla however he does get into some serious fixes. Now we will talk about his vital statistics this particular Kong as I mentioned before stands at 45 m tall or 148 feet tall and has a weight displacement of 25,000 metric tons and 27,500 tons his weapons are rockthrowing, judo flips, electric current from the fingertips.

Now there is a long time fan base that wants to see a remake of King Kong versus Godzilla and most of the fans are always saying that Godzilla will with King Kong’s ass. If you would compare the two with their sizes that would happen, but as I’ve mentioned before if you size them to be that same height and increase their strength according to their size King Kong would be struggling Godzilla, and the and the King Kong is more intelligent than Godzilla because King Kong technically is a gorilla and Godzilla is a dinosaur type monster. Godzilla is just a monster that is supposed to be hell-bent on destroying the planet. When it comes to strength like I mentioned before if you equal their height and increase their strength according to their height King Kong would deftly be stronger think I mentioned that before. Anyway in a real fight I think King Kong would take him because of his strength but if King Kong gets called by that atomic Ray wore as they say in the new movie and atomic exhale King Kong will be no more. Strength wise King Kong has it over Godzilla with the fans like it or not.

Anyway get back on track I would not mind seeing a remake as long as they do it right and then to drastically alter the monsters. That is the one thing about Godzilla 2014 that I did not care about was the design of Godzilla it wasn’t the worst design but Jimmy’s deftly not the best design, but it served its purpose because the majority of Godzilla fans out there are pleased with the end results and that’s what counts. There are some fans out there that have a hatred King Kong and yes there are a bunch of haters out there for King Kong and you would not believe the amount of Ziller Trollers that are out there now keep in mind when I say this is simply means there are so many of these hard-core Japanese Godzilla fans that did not like anything about the Godzilla 1998 movie. Which is okay but when you stand there and post such on irrational and redundant comments about the movie and expect people to believe that your opinion is everything it matters you’ve got another thing coming. We tolerate you guys LOL

There is currently a lot of situations where I’m going to talk about King Kong in general, so now I’m going to talk about King Kong that came out in 2005 a beautiful masterpiece here and yes there are some people out there that thought it was crap but they’re not King Kong fans so they don’t matter. I watch this movie was absolutely impressed with the CGI story the way they set it back in old New York which I thought that was cool. They did a perfect job on this movie and he kept it very original to the classic that came out in 1933, and then you have the son of Kong which came out in the same year as the original King Kong that is in 1933.

That was a very cute movie and I was wondering if Peter Jackson was ever going to do a remake of that and I think not unfortunately. And then you have the movie that I mentioned above King Kong versus Godzilla 1962 and is possible remake because we are seeing signs all over the Internet that could possibly happen and if it does I hope they do it right. Then we have the 1967 version of King Kong Escapes were devices mechanical self. I would love to see a remake on this one this would be cool maybe Toho can redo this movie. Then we move on to the classic 1976 King Kong where he climbs the World Trade Center however there will be no reboot for this one because we don’t have a World Trade Center anymore which most people in this country are still upset about and like me I think there’s more to it than meets the eye. Never go to cheesy version of the 1986 release of King Kong lives suddenly is alive and he needs a heart transplant thought that was different but it was nowhere near as good as 1976 version sorry to say.

And now we move on to the latest one because we already have talked about King Kong 2005 by Peter Jackson’s we will move on to journey to Skull island or whatever the tentative title will be as I have read on some of the pages is set for could possibly be set 15 years after King Kong got to go back to Skull Island. They search for Carl Denham who decides to go back there for some reason because he is so guilt ridden of what he did with King Kong and the people that died on that day and while there on the island they will be going through many adventures in dealing with many creatures on this island. I too am looking forward to this movie because I haven’t King Kong fan and I hope they do this one right but also heard through the grapevine that Peter Jackson wants the director of Pacific rim to actually direct this movie and you know one Peter Jackson says son about his King Kong movie I think people are going to listen. Enough about this King Kong thing I will let you know I am a fan and I am looking forward to the new movie that is coming out in 2016 possibly.

As for the fans out there well there are a bunch of haters and people that are welcoming it and the funny thing is they think Godzilla is the most powerful thing on the planet and he can’t be beat by any cunning creature whatsoever and I find that rather annoying, but that’s what happens when you were just a Godzilla fan and you can open your mind to anything else but treating Godzilla like he is the King of monsters and nothing else can stop him when in fact it probably is something out there that could stop his ass. Don’t get me wrong I too am a big Godzilla fan but when you have fans that seem to be locked on the ideology that Godzilla is unstoppable it just gets on my nerves.

The End

King Kong 2005 movie synopsis


The movie starts out with scenes showing poor economic times going on in America. Though there have been hard times, there are some things still progressing such as theatre and performing arts. Carl Denham is having footage of his film work done on safari reviewed by company executives. Carl is hoping that his film footage will be a hit to the corporate critics. However, what ensues behind closed doors could seal the end of Denham’s film career. Denham who had been eavesdropping out in the lobby, goes to Preston and tells him that he is going to do his movie. They quickly leave the building before the corporate execs can give the negative news to Denham. Denham and Preston have zipped through the building and out in the street area, narrowly getting into a cab before the execs can get to Denham. Denham wants to find an actress to star in his film. Some actresses’ names are tossed around hypothetically as prospects.

Even Mae West is mentioned, but because of the generous curves of Mae, they decide she won’t fit the size dress that is to be worn by the lead actress. Denham talks of his movie being done in a new island location. Meanwhile Ann Darrow who had been a performer in a theatre goes to work as usual one day only to find it closed due to drop off in patrons. Due to financial hard times, competition if fierce. Ann goes out looking for work but can’t find any. She rejects the notion to turn to being a x-rated “showgirl”. She comes across a fruit stand where the infamous scene is introduced where Denham meets Darrow. Denham pays for the apple Ms. Darrow attempted to steal. The scene shifts to the restaurant where Denham is having dinner with Darrow. Memorable classic lines like “I’m on the level here, no funny stuff” is tossed around giving it a faithful honor to the original classic. Needless to say Darrow down on hard times elects to go with Denham on his safari voyage.

Back on the Venture boat, Carl Driscoll (played by Brody) is on board to deliver a partial comedy script. During a somewhat witty dialogue of Denham, Driscoll is stalled so that the Venture ship can depart from shore. It is an illegal departure, as Denham is being given the boot, and has now seized control of company property. It had to depart from shore rather quickly as the execs called the police to have Denham picked up. Keep in mind in this film Driscoll is like a playwright and not a crew member under Captain Englehorn.
They are off…


Denham has his actress, he has stalled and succeded in having Drischoll a part of the journey, he has a crew looking for work, and he has a secret map. But to where?! To an island believed to be never found by modern man. Skull Island. While at sea, Englehorn gets a message (via telegraph) that Denham is wanted by the police and his ship is to return to port. Englehorn decides to go to Rangoon. However a storm blows the ship off course and is thrown about on a rough ocean to the outerskirts of Skull Island (unbeknown to Englehorn and crew). Much frenzied energy is being projected by the boat crew to keep the Venture from being destroyed by the rocks and shallowing of the ocean water. Despite their best efforts to preserve the ship’s safety and stability, they are run broadside against a tall pillar rock. The ship is wedged close to the island shore. Denham and a small landing party (including Drischoll and Darrow) take off in a little row boat to see the island.

While there, Denham is filming the landscape. They come to the wall section of the island. They happen upon a little child and the native islanders attack the landing party. A crew member dies by head whack from a native. Drischoll is knocked unconcious. Denham is horrified at whats happening and how fast things have gone bad. They are saved by a larger landing party from the Venture who fires shots and kills some natives. The crew reuinites and escapes back to the Venture. The islanders having seen Ann are determined to get their prize offering to Kong. The natives work their way to the ship later that night by hopping rocks using a long pole staff to allow them to pogo to the Venture under the guise of darkness. Drischoll notices on the boat that a necklace from an islander was lying on deck. Drischoll goes looking for Ann and can not find any trace of her.

Jack alerts the crew to turn the ship back. As you know from the 1933 film Ann is offered up to Kong who bounds through the trees. Differences here are at the wall, there is a fire liquid flowing down and atop the wall of the natives. The altar is not a step-up pillar platform as seen in the 1933 and 1976 films. Its a long draw bridge that levels over to the other side. There is a medium sized gulf between the wall door and the opposite side. Looking to be about 45 to 60 feet across in distance. Kong shows up and takes Ann. The landing party does arrive and Denham sees Kong through a hole in the main door. Denham is astounded. Ann is taken off into the night, and this Kong is moving in the same manner a real gorilla would move, on all fours and on his knuckles.


Ann is tossed around in the fast paced movement. Finally Kong makes it to a drop off ravine where most of his victims have met their end. Ann uses the long sharp points in her native necklace to stab Kong on his fingers. Kong drops his captive on the ground in front of him, and there is a standoff of wits between the two. Kong does get Ann secured again and takes her off to a secluded high place in the jungle.

In the following daybreak morning, Kong is feeding, and Ann attempts to escape. Good imagery here by Jackson to show how Kong is moving around in a natural manner and even has some toying fun with Ann. Ann sneaks off and ends up being pursued by Wetasaurus dinos who are feeding on a prey dino carcass. One Weta is killed by the female V-Rex. The V-Rex walks around trying to get Ann, but can’t seem to release its prize of the Wetasaurus from its mouth. It looses track of the distressed damsel. However Ann happens upon the Bull V-Rex. The behomeths pursue Ann. Kong does get to the scence and has a stand-off with the two adult V-Rexes and a juvenile. The juvenile is easily killed. The adults end up struggling viciously against Kong. Kong never leaving Ann despite a threat to his own safety and life.

Kong ends up falling over a cliff and the entanglement of jungle vines breaks their falls and hold the V-Rexes momentarily from getting to Ann. Kong fights the female V-Rex and seems to knock her unconcious. It does not appear that the pounding Kong did killed the dino. The Bull V-Rex and Ann fall down below due to pressure and weight on the vines. The Rex tries to pursue Ann on the ground, but Kong intervenes. A nice fight, but not long though. Kong ends up having his victory roar and escapes off into the brush with Ann on his shoulder (which his grab up and toss over antics excites the crowd to comedial laughs).

Little Ann and Mighty Kong have started to show signs of a bond. Kong makes it up to a cliff area where it appears to have also been a large gorilla graveyard of prior giant ape family members. Ann and Kong appreciate a beautiful sunset. Though one thing will disrupt ths time of mutal appreciation in the morning. Jack Driscoll. Jack has caught up with them. Kong had earlier intercepted the retrieval party lead by Hayes and dealt with the humans at the fallen tree trunk bridge. The humans that survived had to fight killer bugs before being saved by Englehorn and the actor turned safari hunter Bruce Baxter. So many eye graphic visuals leading up to their deliverance, like avoiding being trampled by a Brontosaurus herd while being hunted by a pack of raptors at the same time.

Well going back to the ledge where Kong is asleep with Ann in his hand, Jack is attempting to get Ann to get out of Kong’s hand. Kong awakens with a cold hazel colored pupil gaze and then would have assaulted Jack, but the giant cave bats swarm Kong in his rage and Kong is distracted in a fight. Jack and Ann attempt to get away by using a vine to drop below, but as prior film history merits the lead character, Kong grabs the vine and starts pulling up. Jack and Ann are locked in a terrifying decision of what to do. A few of the large bats fly by and Jack grabs one of them as it flies with Ann holding to Jack. They grapple ride the bat down to the river and drop off, swimming away.


Kong is furious and will be hot on their heels. The pursuit ends up at the wall where the team is waiting to apprehend Kong. Kong leaps the gulf and does break through the main gate. The Venture party attempt to subdue the creature, but Kong is really just too awesome. The chlorophorm brought aboard the Venture does not do enough to stop Kong with 2 uses of the potent chemical bomb. The party ends up retreating to the sea, but Denham uses another chlorophorm bottle bomb to subdue Kong. Kong is knocked out with Ann mystified and seemingly in a strange trance of her friend being brought under human control.

Kong ends up in New York on display at a theatre. Denham introduces the 8th Wonder of the World to a shocked audience. Kong is somewhat drugged, but alert enough to show he is really alive. There is a throwback to the theme music for the Skull Island natives of the original film. Good nostalgic scoring. When Baxter the movie star is introduced, he is brought on stage as the one who saved Ann, when it actually was Drischoll. Drischoll ended up going to a comedy theatre that evening of Kong’s debut on stage. He walked his way into the premiere to see what is happening. Though the music changes and Ann is brought up out of the floor by life elevator, Kong looks at the figure clothed in white with blonde hair, screaming to the top of her voice. However its not Ann Darrow, but a stand-in. The real Ann is working in a Follies show as a singer/dancer, but is in a strange trance about Kong.

She leaves the performance and is trying to sort herself. Kong enraged by the thought of where the real Ann is, breaks free and checks out the stand in. The audience flees as we all know.Kong goes on a rampage in the theatre and comes upon Drischoll in the high loft balcony. Kong remembers that it was Drischoll who stole Ann on Skull Island and is furious as he wants revenge. Kong attempts to get his hands on him. A good evade scene ensues here and looks highly believable. Better than the cab evade scene of Broderick & Reno in Godzilla 1998. Kong escapes the theatre and New York City is shocked to see the beast, and the beast is shocked to see New York City. It’s been snowing and Kong has a slippery time trying to capture Jack. Cars, buses and trolleys are laid to waste in the attack of the giant 25 foot beast.

Ann mysteriously finds Kong and the two are reunited in a touching moment of recognition. They happen into Central park and what ensues is pure magic. Kong is rolling around on the ice of the frozen pond in the park like its Walt Disney magic. A real treat by Jackson. However the moment of bliss in interrupted by the military firing ammunition into the park causing the ice to crack and crumble. Kong is evading the military and leaping around from roof top to roof top. Eventually making his way to the ominous and unbelievably tall Empire State building. Kong makes it almost to the top and takes a break. Clutching Ann for the last time. Both are so high up, its unbelievable.

Seeing the height and the spin around of the camera will make you have a sinking feeling in your legs and stomach. Ann and Kong enjoy the morning sunrise. Ann saying “beautiful”. Though the peace is about to end as 6 bi-planes arrive to deal with Kong.

Kong sets Ann down and climbs up higher to the very top. Kong faces the planes there. Kong is quite athletic and does a jump up slam that looks like something straight out of the NBA finals. The plane pilots have to be more mindful about their proximity to Kong. The shots pour down, though a lot of them miss as this Kong doesn’t just stay on top getting hit as the 1933 and 1976 Kong did (even what happened with Peking Man). Kong moves around by dropping down and using sides of the top tower to deflect shots. Ann climbs up to get to Kong to see if perhaps her presence will stop the onslaught. Its a temporary thing though. Kong does grab a plane as it flys by and shows his great agility once again by swinging it like a spin top. Sending it hurtling into its doom & disaster.

Kong though is wounded from machine gun fire. He collapses on the top of the tower with a horrified Ann looking at her beloved beastly friend. Another plane bears down on Kong and shoots him with a barrage of machine gun fire that seals the fate of Kong. Kong lovingly gazes upon Ann a last time………and falls…:sulk: Falling to the street below. And you know the ending famous line is said by Carl Denham. “It was beauty that killed the beast (originally desired by Jackson to be said by the late Fay Rotherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the publicay).

The End.

King Kong lives 1986 movie synopsis


Synopsis: Ten years after being shot down in New York, the giant ape Kong lies comatose at the Atlanta Institute in Georgia. Surgeon Amy Franklin (Linda Hamilton) warns her colleagues that the ape will die without a blood transfusion. In Borneo, adventurer Hank Mitchell (Brian Kerwin) discovers a second giant ape, a female. Trying to cash in, Mitchell offers his ape to the Institute. While Dr Ingersoll (Peter Michael Goetz) is eager to accept, to prevent rival institutes having the creature, Amy argues that they cannot risk having a female around Kong. She is overruled. When Mitchell arrives, Lady Kong is taken to the Institute and has blood taken. Kong then undergoes surgery, and an artificial heart installed in place of his damaged real one. The operation is pronounced a success. Mitchell attends the Institute’s celebration, but notices Amy’s absence. He is told she is with Kong. In the gigantic operating theatre, Kong regains consciousness. Almost immediately, he scents the female ape, who is being kept temporarily in a warehouse a mile away. As Kong becomes agitated, Amy sedates him to prevent strain on his heart. She then confronts Ingersoll at the party, demanding that the facility intended to house Lady Kong be completed as soon as possible. Moving the female ape proves extremely difficult. As she roars and struggles against the netting, Kong hears her, and tears his way out of his own enclosure.

As he breaks into the warehouse, armed guards try to shoot him, but Mitchell rams his car into theirs. Kong picks up the female ape and carries her away…. The army is called in to deal with the situation, and the officer in charge, Colonel Nevitt (John Ashton), warns that any civilians entering the search area will be shot. Nevertheless, both Amy and Mitchell set out to search for the animals, the two eventually joining forces. Meeting an army roadblock, Amy turns her 4WD into the woods. When the track becomes impassable, she and Mitchell get out and hike. Disaster nearly strikes when a wooden bridge gives way, but Mitchell grabs Amy before she can be swept away. Amy, however, is more concerned over the equipment she is carrying, including a unit that can monitor and adjust Kong’s heart. At that moment, the two hear the apes and track them down. Amy checks Kong’s heart: it is fine. As night falls, Amy and Mitchell make camp, ultimately sharing a sleeping-bag. When they wake the next morning, there is no sign of Kong. Suddenly, Nevitt’s forces appear. Lady Kong is gassed and falls unconscious. Kong is located and pursued, eventually being trapped atop a cliff. As Nevitt moves in for the kill, Kong leaps into the river below and is swept away. As Amy and Mitchell watch in horror, Kong strikes a jagged rock head-first. Blood fills the water, and Kong sinks beneath the surface. Amy checks the monitor: there is no sign of a heartbeat….

Comments: Strange what stature tragedy can lend to the most trivial of things. A couple of weeks ago, a group of us were discussing what we didn’t expect to see on our television screens for quite some time, given recent events. The usual suspects were tossed around: plane crash, or hijacking films; any of the Die Hard films; The Towering Inferno (which, oddly enough, was on TV here only a few weeks ago); the episode of The Simpsons where they go to New York. Then I suggested, “King Kong.”


They looked at me, puzzled. (They’re a mainstream-y bunch.) “The re-make of King Kong,” I repeated, “where instead of climbing the Empire State Building, Kong climbs the Twin Towers.”

There was a silence you could have cut with a knife. I doubt that any mention of Dino de Laurentiis’s hubristic venture had ever before been received with such respect. Or ever will again.

I had seen King Kong Lives before, and recalled it as one of those films that simply stagger you with the sheer idiocy of their premise. What I didn’t remember was that it opened with the final five minutes of the previous film, which was not something I really needed to see again just now. But after those few moments of squirmy discomfort, the sequel settles into its routine, displaying those qualities that simultaneously make it such a hoot and such a chore to watch. As with its predecessor, the main problem with King Kong Lives is that it is unable to settle on a tone. Some of it is played out deadly seriously, some of it for laughs. Unfortunately, in both cases the writers got their wires crossed. The “serious” parts of the film are hilariously funny; while the “comedy” is just painful.

The opening scene – the real opening scene – is an absolute riot, as we realize that the film asks us to believe that since his fall to the streets of New York, Kong has been in a coma; and has been kept alive on life support at the “Atlanta Institute”, Georgia, by a team of doctors and scientists led by surgeon Amy Franklin. (I put “Atlanta Institute” in inverted commas because, if you listen closely, you will hear every character in the film call it the Atlantic Institute.) Kong is kept in a huge, presumably sterile operating theatre, with all of the equipment the usual stuff reproduced in super-size. (That they have these things after ten years is, I suppose, credible, but I would like to know how they treated Kong when they first got hold of him.) But things are looking bleak for Kong, as we learn from Dr Franklin herself. Enter Linda Hamilton, in easily the film’s most embarrassing role, as she is required to react to everything with a dead straight face.

When we first see Amy, she is gowned and masked, leaving only her eyes exposed. This proves to be highly appropriate, as most of Hamilton’s “performance” consists almost entirely of eye-acting: she is by turns wide-eyed, starry-eyed and teary-eyed, with occasional instances of her eyes flashing angrily. Right now she’s teary-eyed, as her star patient has taken a turn for the worse. Amy reports this to her colleagues, Dr Benson Hughes, Chief of Primate Research, and Dr Ingersoll. Ingersoll’s position is never identified, but he is clearly the – boo, hiss! – Institute’s book-juggler, the one who wants Kong revived not for science, or love, but for money. Boo, hiss! Gradually, the film’s astonishing premise is revealed: Kong is to be revived by the installation of a gigantic artificial heart!

Okay – I’ve got to say this sometime, so I might as well say it now: (i) who is paying for this work? – and (ii) what is the point? If the writers of films like this knew anything about how difficult it can be to get even practical, worthwhile research funded, perhaps they’d be a bit less casual about what gets funded onscreen. At least they could have written in a line about the work being paid for by a rich eccentric with a thing for monkeys.


Oh, well, excuse me. The work does have a point after all! It is to “establish the scientific pre-eminence of the Atlantic Institute” and to prove it “the equal of Harvard or Yale”. Hell, yeah! Who needs academic excellence when you’ve got a giant gorilla with a plastic ticker? But these plans – and ten years’ work and expenditure – seem about to come to nothing, as Amy announces that the operation cannot go ahead without Kong receiving a transfusion – and that there is no other species whose blood is compatible. Another of the surgical team chips in here, explaining that Kong has been comatose too long, and that his “blood line” [sic.? – try as I might, I couldn’t figure out what was said here – it sounded like “blood vine”] is tainted. Ingersoll goes ballistic, and Hughes (who obviously has a thing for Amy) has to intervene. Amy tears up again, and we get the groan-worthy “Kong needs a miracle” exchange quoted above. Unbelievably, Amy’s colleagues treat her platitudinous announcement with the utmost solemnity.

But, after all, this is Da Movies, where miracles are a dime a dozen. We cut now to an unidentified jungle, where professional adventurer Hank Mitchell is dragging a nervous team of mules through some undergrowth. The Mitchell character is a ridiculously anachronistic stereotype. At one point, Amy scornfully refers to him as “Indiana Jones”, but what he really is, is a cut-price Han Solo – a hard-bitten cynic redeemed by love and a cause to fight for. When we meet him, Mitchell’s whereabouts are a bit of a mystery. Firstly, he reassures his mules by telling them that “it’s so hot, even the jaguars are asleep”. His next move is to clear a reticulated python from his path. As events transpire, this latter geographical marker proves fairly accurate, as Mitchell is supposed to be in Borneo. Deciding against battling the heat, our hero beds down in some bushes, but no sooner has he got comfortable than those bushes start to move – and he finds himself evading the grasp of a gigantic female ape. Proving either that he is really short-sighted, or really, really bad at biology, Mitchell exclaims, “Whoa, boy! Whoa, big fella!” as he runs through the jungle.

Just as it seems that he will be caught, a group of “natives” with blow pipes rise up from the bushes (!) and fill Lady Kong (as she will soon be known) full of darts. Mitchell intervenes, not wanting her killed, and the ape falls unconscious. Cut to Mitchell on the line to the Institute, and playing that establishment off against Harvard. Incredibly, Ingersoll falls for this transparent ploy, and is about to close the deal when Amy, overhearing the word “her”, objects that they cannot risk having a female ape around Kong, not with his heart condition, and all. We then get this film’s most unforgettable line, as Amy further asserts, “We’re not lancing a haemorrhoid here, we’re transplanting a heart!” Amazingly, Ingersoll is unswayed by this powerful argument, and closes the deal with Mitchell. The next thing we know, Mitchell and Lady Kong are landing in Atlanta. All of the Kong films tend to skip lightly over such matters as quarantine restrictions, and how an ape that size is actually moved, but King Kong Lives is unique inasmuch as having done the skipping, it then goes out of its way to draw attention to the fact. Met at the airport by the Institute hierarchy and a swarm of reporters, Mitchell responds to the question, “How did you get the ape from the jungle?” with “I left a trail of bananas”. Amy and Mitchell are introduced and greet each other coolly, she resenting his “publicity seeking”, he that she just wants Lady Kong for her blood. From this we understand (i) that Mitchell’s reformation has commenced; and (ii) that Amy and Mitchell will probably be making hot monkey love before very much longer – if you’ll pardon the expression.

The film’s comic highlight follows: Kong’s operation. I’ve said it before, but I feel it’s necessary to reiterate here that this entire sequence is played out with utter, utter seriousness. (Watching, you can’t help but wonder – what were those poor actors thinking while they were doing this!?) Amy leads her team into the operating theatre. They are gloved, gowned and masked but, incredibly, not goggled! The operation starts as Amy swings a gigantic buzzsaw over Kong’s chest and makes “the incision”. We now see why she didn’t bother to wear goggles: though generously splashed with blood (and bone, you’d think) on her gown and mask, not the tiniest drop touches her exposed skin. Most orthopaedic surgeons should be so lucky. Then we get a shot of the various medical types scrabbling in Kong’s chest cavity, muttering the usual words and phrases (no-one says “STAT!”, though). A giant crane then swings into position, and lifts Kong’s heart out of his chest. A second crane swings the artificial heart into position. Just at the very last moment, a cable snaps and the heart swings around dangerously. The team steadies it, and then there’s a medical crisis as a clamp slips. More cries of “Clamp! Clamp!” and “Suction!” fill the air, and finally the heart is lowered into position. Instead of watching the installation, we get a pan shot of the people watching. Mitchell’s there, of course, and we understand from his expression that he’s reassessing his opinion of Amy.


As the operation is pronounced a success, wild celebrations break out across the campus, as the students enjoy the fact that they now attend an institution that is the equal of Harvard or Yale, without any of them having to do a lick more work. (One of the students carries a sign reading “You Kong, Me Fay” – odd considering that in this universe, Fay Wray presumably doesn’t exist.) At the faculty party, a tuxedoed Mitchell is explaining his theory that Borneo and Kong Island were originally parts of the same land mass. Which is fine, except that Kong Island was small, and permanently wreathed in fog, and consequently not on the maps, while Borneo is the third largest island in the world with a population of over a million, and you’d really think that someone would have noticed a fifty-foot ape wandering around before now. Mitchell sees Hughes, and bounds across to ask him where Amy is. She, dedicated doctor that she is, is still with her patient, who at just that moment begins to stir. His eyes meet Amy’s, and hers of course fill with tears.

“Welcome back, Kong!” Kong, however, isn’t too interested in making small-talk. He’s already scented the female ape, who is being kept temporarily in a converted warehouse about a mile away. Kong immediately starts jumping up and down and trying to get out, then stops and clutches his chest. Amy’s colleague warns her “He’s occluding!” and she has him pumped full of sedatives (ah, the ape, not the colleague). She then storms out of the facility, and storms into the party. There, Mitchell is regaling Hughes and Ingersoll with a “humorous” anecdote, of which we (thankfully) only hear the punchline: “What it turned out was, that’s their word for ‘mule’!” Hahahahaha!! (Or as Jack Thompson would say: “Now we can all get some sleep!”) Ignoring Mitchell’s presence, Amy confronts Ingersoll and tells him that the female must be moved ASAP. He agrees to have the work on her permanent enclosure expedited. Amy then storms out again, and Mitchell goes after her, and after some “Aw, shucks”-ing, he tells her how great he thought she did during the operation. This induces “gooey-eyes” rather than “flashing-eyes” in the good doctor, and she drives off mollified.

Lady Kong’s enclosure is completed, but the attempt to move her is disastrously handled (chiefly because she won’t eat her drugged food, and Amy won’t let them shoot her with a tranquiliser dart. Why? IITS.) In the operating theatre, Kong comes out of his own sedation, and immediately escapes. (He stands bolt upright in the process, and we get our first reminder of how horribly un-apelike the Kong suit is.) As Lady Kong howls and struggles with the net in which she has been trapped, Kong smashes his way into the warehouse. He and Lady Kong freeze. The film’s “love theme” swells on the soundtrack. The apes’ eyes meet across the crowded room. They smile at one another….

And no, I am not making this up.

A panic ensues, with lotsa car crashes and explosions. Some army guys are there (why?), and they start shooting at Kong (why?). Mitchell runs a car into their jeep, sending them all flying through the air (an action that has no later repercussions). Kong tears Lady Kong free, sweeps her up into his arms, and carries her off into the sunset.

And no, I am not making this up.

Believe it or not, it is at this point that King Kong Lives gets really dumb – and irritating – and boring. The problem of the apes on the loose (although why they’re considered such a problem is never explained; they’re not hurting anything or anyone) is handed over to the army. And in charge is Colonel Nevitt – who proves to be a total raving psychotic. Surprise!


Look, what is this, anyway? Why are these guys always depicted as slavering, sociopathic morons? And is there any lazier, more overworked cinematic cliché than this? Anyway…. Naturally, Nevitt’s first action is to threaten to shoot any civilian who “crosses my perimeter”. This is of course the cue for Amy and Mitchell to cross it. The two set out independently, but soon join forces. The apes, we learn, are inhabiting an area of land known as “Honeymoon Ridge” (and no, I’m not making that up either), and we get an extended sequence that is just plain embarrassing, as Kong and Lady Kong go through a “courtship” ritual consisting of such well-known ape behaviours as winking, simpering, fluttering eyelashes, and the ever-popular “pretend to yawn and stretch so I can put my arm around you”. (I can only wonder once again – what were those poor actors thinking while they were doing this!?) Meanwhile, Amy and Mitchell run into an army roadblock. Amy pulls her 4WD off the road as the soldiers fire – and they are not aiming at the tyres. (Um – is this legal?) They drive as far as they can, then prepare to hike. Amy stuffs a large metal case into her backpack, prompting the inquiry “That your makeup kit?” from Mitchell. (He’s lucky she’s distracted, or she might have treated that with the contempt it deserves – i.e. a lifted knee.) The case is, Amy explains gravely, a “cardiac monitoring unit”, which will allow her to assess Kong’s new heart and, if necessary, adjust its function – but only (as we learn later) if she can get up close and personal.

The two set out, crossing one of the most artistically devised “rickety bridges” I have ever seen: one very obviously constructed of good quality wood, but with lots of “gaps”. Mitchell crosses safely, but the railing “gives way” under Amy’s weight and she is nearly swept away. Mitchell hauls her up and, after she assures herself of the cardiac unit’s safety, she treats the gash on his arm, giving the two of them a chance to exchange “significant glances”. (Gee, just like the apes!) Soaked and cold, Amy announces her intention of changing clothes – and strips off her jumper without another word, proving to be naked beneath it. (Don’t get your hopes up: she has her back to both Mitchell and the camera. Although if you have very, very good eyesight, or a very, very good pause button, you can get a brief glimpse of Linda’s boobs a bit later on. Or you could just watch The Terminator again.) The two of them (Amy and Mitchell, I mean, not….) then hear the apes and track them down. Amy checks Kong’s heart and announces, “Incredible! After all that exertion, his heart is actually stronger!” Watching the apes, Amy gets all teary-eyed. Mitchell starts speculating about a reserve in the Borneo highlands, where the apes could live, safely and happily – which turns Amy starry-eyed instead. The two then make camp. It transpires that only Mitchell brought a sleeping-bag, and the next time we see them, Amy is warmly bundled up, and Mitchell is freezing his butt off at a respectful distance.

Look, I’m sorry, but I’m not having this. First of all, in my book, if Amy didn’t have enough sense to bring a sleeping-bag, then Amy gets to freeze her butt off. Secondly – it is freezing – so just share the damn thing, will you? But no. This way, you see, Mitchell gets to prove what a gentleman he is beneath that rough exterior, while Amy gets to prove that she is not only a doctor, she is also a woman by inviting him in. “You sure about this?” he inquires as he slides in with her. “We’re primates, too,” Amy offers (yeah, but some of us are more primate-ive than others) and there is the inevitable Fade To Black.

When Mitchell wakes the next morning, Kong has gone. He tells Amy, who leaps out of the sleeping-bag (Boob Alert!). Nevitt’s forces then show up (and where have they been all this time?) and start dropping gas bombs on Lady Kong. (Great gas: no sooner has it hit than Nevitt and his men all pull their gas masks off!) At the same time, they start attacking Kong with bullets and grenades and flame-throwers. Why? Why are they capturing one ape and trying to kill the other? (We never get an explanation, but they spend the rest of the film doing it.) Amy and Mitchell try to escape here, but are finally rounded up. (Not shot? I’m disappointed), while Nevitt starts screaming hysterically at his men to “Kill that hairy son of a bitch!” (Even by the usual standards, this guy is nuts.) Kong is finally driven up the side of a cliff, and hurls himself off the edge to escape his pursuers. Landing in the river, he is swept along by the current and finally goes head-first into a large boulder. He sinks, and the water turns red. Amy grabs her cardiac unit, and sees the signal stop…. She goes teary-eyed.


Time passes in leaps and bounds now. We learn that Lady Kong is being kept in an underground pen at the army’s “Primate Holding Division”. (Hmm….does that get a lot of use, I wonder? Or maybe it’s where the army keeps all of its psycho officers, when they’re not out frothing at the mouth and getting bad screenwriters out of various sticky situations.) The question of why Lady Kong is under army guard remains unanswered. Isn’t she the Institute’s problem? And didn’t they just finish building a proper enclosure for her? So why are no less that 104 soldiers stuck with looking after her? And if she’s at the bottom of a well-like pen, what are those 104 soldiers actually doing? (Oh, yeah: and if, as we’re told, “no-one ever goes near her”, why hasn’t she drowned in her own faeces by now? [I’m sorry. I’m a biologist. My mind always works in those channels.]) It transpires that Amy and her colleagues have spent the preceding months trying to get permission to see her, and finally get an order signed by “the Secretary of Defense himself!” A sight of this piece of paper sends Nevitt into the usual frenzy, but he is obliged to let Amy and Hughes in.

They find Lady Kong hunched in a corner, moaning softly. “Why the hell is that monkey crying?” Nevitt snarls. “I’ll tell you why,” Amy says. “For Kong!” “She’s grieving,” Hughes offers, but Amy disagrees. “No. She senses something. Kong’s alive.” The others – barely – refrain from laughing in her face. Amy then insists, “I feel it, too!” (Oh, great. Not content with giving Lady Kong “feminine intuition”, they’ve got Amy having “feminine intuition” about the ape’s “feminine intuition”!) Nevitt then chucks the visitors out (and who can blame him?), and Hughes tries to convince Amy that Kong must be dead, as he couldn’t possibly be meeting his daily protein requirements. But Amy remains stubborn, chiefly in view of the absence of a corpse. And where is Kong? He’s down on the bayou – chasin’ down a hoodoo there…. Well, not really. Mostly what he’s doing is munching on alligators (the sudden depletion in the population of which, you’d think someone would have noticed).

After some more time passes, Mitchell arrives back from Borneo, where he has been negotiating the Institute’s purchase of a highland reserve for the apes – “for only a million three”. Amy then breaks the news about Lady Kong: that’s no-one’s been near her for months. Mitchell flips out and tries to break into the “Primate Holding Division”, only to have the stuffing beaten out of him by two good ol’ boy soldiers (who, naturally, sport the film’s first southern accents, despite its setting). Meanwhile, Kong’s wanderings have taken him close enough to Lady Kong to hear her moans. Deciding that that’s all he can stands, he can’t stands no more, Kong comes out of hiding and heads for her prison. The next sequence is played primarily for laughs [sic.], so with your permission, I’ll be brief. Kong stomps a sportscar, from which two wanky teenagers just escape. “My dad’s gunna kill me!” Kong strides across a golf-course and gets bonked with a ball. Kong peers through a window as a boy is complimenting his girlfriend on having “the biggest, brownest eyes”. Kong generally bothers the inhabitants of a small town, and much car-crash and shotgun humour ensues. Nevitt and his goon squad finally show up, only to find hoards of drunken rednecks pouring into the woods in search of the ape.

(“Those guns loaded?” a soldier demands obtusely of one redneck. “Yup, an’ so’re we!” is the inevitable response. Yuck, yuck, yuck!) One group of hunters does manage to find Kong, and dynamites some rocks to trap him. They then torture him with a burning piece of wood from their fire. (I don’t think I can do better than to quote the illustrious Dr Freex here: under what circumstances would this be deemed a good idea?) Kong pulls himself free and some major disarrangement of the rednecks follows. One is torn in half, another swallowed whole. Amy and Mitchell finally catch up with Kong (how do they always manage to get there before the army? – oh, yeah – feminine intuition), and find the remains of the hunters. Mitchell surmises how they trapped the ape, adding, as he picks up a bit of burnt wood, “And then they had their fun with him!” (Which I guess is an example of masculine intuition.) Amy tries to monitor Kong’s heart. The news ain’t good – and it gets worse as Kong strides towards her and stomps the cardiac unit before Amy has time to “adjust” his heart. Now, Amy announces (going teary-eyed) “he won’t last a day”.


We then waste an irritating amount of time with Nevitt’s screaming and Things That Go Bang. When night falls, Amy and Mitchell break into the Primate Holding Division again, knocking out the two soldiers left on guard. (I guess the other 102 were busy.) They approach Lady Kong, and Mitchell gapes in horror at her distended belly. “What have they done to her?’ he demands. (Well, I told you he was bad at biology.) “They haven’t done anything!” announces Amy, going both teary-eyed and starry-eyed. “She’s pregnant!” They then set about getting her out of there. However, one of the soldiers regains consciousness and throws a spanner in the works (almost literally). But just as failure seems inevitable, Kong arrives – and tears open the roof of Lady Kong’s pen. As Kong reaches in to lift his mate out, Lady Kong snatches up Mitchell, and he too is carried away. (This is kind of interesting. Obviously, Brian Kerwin was made so very blond for this film to re-work the standard Kong mythology.

However, while the blonde white woman/black male ape situation seems fraught with all sorts of sexual and cultural implications, once the sexes are reversed, the situation ends up being treated as entirely comedic.) Lady Kong does eventually put Mitchell down, chiefly because she’s got other things on her mind – or at least abdomen. The two apes invade a barn-dance/family reunion (allowing one hick to say to another, “You never know who’s gunna show up at these things!”), and Lady Kong collapses on a barn, moaning and clutching her belly. Suddenly Nevitt et al. show up and start blasting away again. Kong shields his mate, and cops a barrage in the chest (a nasty scene recalling the end of King Kong). He remains standing long enough to pulverise all the attacking soldiers – and takes particular care with his disposal of Nevitt, lining him up and then smashing him with one clenched fist. (Actually, this “effect” is badly done, as Kong’s fist doesn’t land precisely where Nevitt was.) His vengeance complete, Kong keels over – not from the bullets, but from a heart attack. We then cut back and forth between Lady Kong’s labour pains and Kong’s death throes.

As Amy and Mitchell invade the scene, we see the Kongs’ offspring – which in defiance of all ape biology is immediately active and self-sufficient. (And clean. And dry. And lacking an umbilical cord.) The humans, both teary-eyed, urge Lady Kong to show Kong his son, which she does. In a scene meant to be endlessly moving (but which instead is merely endless), Kong makes contact with his son – then dies….

In the film’s final scene (which again dodges the whole transport issue), we see Lady Kong and Kong Junior in their Borneo reserve. Lady Kong is still mournful, but Kong Junior frolics lightheartedly, swinging through the trees on vines.

King Kong 1976 movie synopsis


King Kong (also known as King Kong: The Legend Reborn) is a 1976 American motion picture produced by Dino de Laurentiis and directed by John Guillermin. It is a remake of the 1933 classic King Kong, about how a giant ape is captured and imported to New York City for exhibition.

The remake differs from the original in several major story details. Instead of a film production crew, King Kong’s world is invaded by a petroleum corporation’s exploratory team. Fred Wilson (Grodin), an executive of the Petrox Oil Company, forms the expedition based on infrared imagery which reveals a previously undiscovered South Pacific island hidden by a permanent cloud bank; Wilson believes the island has a huge depository of oil, and has promised his bosses he will come back with “the big one.” Jack Prescott (Bridges), a primate paleontologist, sneaks onto the expedition’s enormous vessel en route and attempts to warn the team against completing its mission, citing an ominous final message about “the roar of the greatest beast” from previous doomed explorers. Wilson orders Prescott locked up, claiming that he is really a spy from a rival corporation. However, while being led below deck, Prescott spots a small life raft in the ocean and convinces members of the crew to search the raft. On board is the beautiful Dwan (Lange). Prescott’s medical experience enables him to perform a cursory exam of Dwan, who, after awakening, tells Prescott that she is an actress who was aboard a rich man’s yacht which suddenly exploded, apparently killing everybody except for her. During the ship’s ongoing voyage, Prescott and Dwan become attracted to each other.

Once arriving at the island, the team quickly finds that there is no oil and discovers instead a primitive tribe of natives who live within the confines of a gigantic wall, built to protect them from a mysterious god known as Kong. The natives kidnap Dwan and attempt to use her as a sacrifice to Kong, tying her to an altar outside of their walled village and chanting ominously the word “Kong” over and over again. The captive woman begins to scream in horror as something gigantic slowly approaches, crashing loudly through the jungle trees until it reveals itself as a monumental ape standing triumphantly over her. Kong grabs Dwan and departs back into the jungle. Although an awesome and terrifying sight, the soft hearted Kong quickly becomes tamed by Dwan, whose babbling sweet talk calms and fascinates the monstrous beast. Meanwhile, Prescott and the ship’s crew mount a search mission and manage to both rescue Dwan and capture Kong. Sans any of the promised new oil, Wilson decides to bring Kong back to America as a promotional gimmick for his company.

In New York, Kong is extremely unhappy, pining for the innocent, carefree days back on his island. He eventually goes berserk, terrorizing the city in an orgy of destruction. Kong recaptures Dwan and begins to make his way to the World Trade Center, with Jack and the military in hot pursuit…

In the climax, instead of climbing the Empire State Building, King Kong climbs one of the towers of the World Trade Center. After being attacked by men with flame throwers whilst standing on the roof of the South Tower, Kong flees by leaping across to the North Tower. Later, after he is attacked by helicopters, the fatally injured Kong falls from the roof to the World Trade Center forecourt where he dies from his injuries. (The posters of the movie notoriously showed a savage ape with one foot on each of the two Twin Towers, swatting at fighter jets. In the actual movie, the ape was much smaller than this, and could not have stood on both towers at once. Of course, the 1933 version also had similar “misleading” publicity stills suggesting the ape’s size as being much larger than it really was in that film.)

The film has several subplots, including ones that focus on Prescott’s naturalist, borderline-hippie ways. The film is also extremely critical of big business and the U.S. military.

Although the film is often inaccurately described as being a financial flop, King Kong was in fact commercially successful, earning Paramount back almost triple its budget. The film ended up at #5 on Variety’s chart of the top domestic (U.S.) moneymakers of 1977. (The film was released in December, 1976 and therefore earned the majority of its money during the early part of 1977.)

While the film received mostly mixed responses from critics, especially from fans of the original King Kong, it did receive extremely positive reviews from several prominent mainstream critics. Pauline Kael in The New Yorker, Richard Schickel in Time, Charles Champlin in the Los Angeles Times, and ‘Murf’ in Variety, among others, responded favorably to the film’s pathos and (often campy) sense of humor. Kael, in particular, truly loved the film, noting “I don’t think I’ve ever before seen a movie that was a comic-strip great romance in the way this one is — it’s a joke that can make you cry.” The performances by Bridges and Grodin were generally well regarded, and even the film’s most ardent detractors noted that Richard H. Kline’s Academy Award-nominated cinematography and John Barry’s thunderous musical score were first class.

King Kong found new and sustained life on television. NBC bought the rights to air the movie and it was a rating success. This led De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (with distribution by Paramount) to make a sequel called King Kong Lives (1986), starring Linda Hamilton. Unlike the first film, the sequel was a commercial failure, but found cult success on video.

When King Kong made its network TV debut on NBC in 1982, a number of scenes deleted from the theatrical version were reinstated to make the film longer. Most fans of the remake agree that the extended version of the film works much better than the original truncated release. The newly added sequences included:

1. Jack drugs one of the Petrox Explorer’s crew in a bar in Surabaya and steals his uniform.
2. The sailors playing cards on deck when Captain Ross calls them to the meeting with Fred Wilson and Roy Bagley.
3. A scene showing Jack, shirtless, in the brig of the Petrox Explorer.
4. Timmons and Garcia spy on Dwan showering, and are caught by Jack who causes Garcia to fall overboard into the sea.
5. When Kong escapes from Shea Stadium, a Petrox Corp. representative yells at Wilson for his incompetence.
6. After Kong steps on Wilson there is an extra shot of Wilson’s crushed hat.
7. Kong picks up a Cadillac Fleetwood and throws it into the side of a building, where it explodes.
8. A plan by the military to send jets after Kong is scrapped and they decide on helicopters instead.
9. Jack tries, without success, to hotwire a Chevrolet Corvette while he and Dwan are fleeing.
10. An extra sequence showing Kong walking down the street with Dwan in his hand.